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Any One Like Silent Hill?
# 1 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 20:38
they ignored me on citsu they will ignore me here, they will call me freak too....
Here is the trailer to silent hill: the room.
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# 2 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 20:46
Oh god no responce....
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# 3 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 20:48
well I suppose thats a start...
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# 4 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 21:10
just a thought are gay people gamers, cause I know that girls certainly are not. so its sad lonly basterd like me then, I feel bad, I never thought that my minority were so small...
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# 5 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 21:33
Lots of gamers here Faust.

Never played Silent Garden. Loved the first 2 res evil's though. Looking forward to the new cube res evil coming ltr this year.
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# 6 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 21:34
loved the first one on ps1 haven't played any of the more recent ones.

Looking at the latest one recently in a shop. upgraded to ps2 it must real spooky
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# 7 : Wednesday 28-4-2004 @ 21:35
Yes, like being trapped in salvadore dalis worst nightmare. whats even worse is the story, the main charictor has given birth to herself four times...
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# 8 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 07:15
I'd be far too scared to play Silent Hill. I got a demo disk for Forbidden Siren the other day, that was too scary also.
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# 9 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 09:04
My god! did he actually ask if i was a gamer? did he not go to sillicon to see me in all my autocratic gaming glory?

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# 10 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 09:39
Em...little old me here, FEMALE little old me, has the silent hill trilogy for PS2..........and Resident Evil:codename Veronica...so we're weird together
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# 11 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 12:17
Yay Quite amazed, a woman gamer!
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# 12 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 12:24
Yet you dont bat an eyelid at gaming doggies?

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# 13 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 13:44
anything that lets me shoot people in the head is great, even in games!
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# 14 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 14:57
Silent Hill was an incredibly deep game, with a nice demonic fucked up fantasy ish story...

Silent Hill 2, I thought was kinda scary as hell but was more about personal tragedy then, the old Samael(Devil incarnate) comin to getcha..

Silent Hill 3, loved the way they concluded the first game with this... Such an amazing soundtrack, especially theme song "You're not here", its like a fucked up 60's punk ditty... Game bit short tho...

SH: The room looks so cool, very Cthullu Mythos... Konami really know there stuff when it comes to Horror.

Faust - Is that pic you, Oh god Gaire needs more goth boys....

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# 15 : Thursday 29-4-2004 @ 15:16
no I thing his pic is from gormongast

well you found some fans here

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