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Samsung Galaxy Phones
# 16 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:02
My search for a tablet is still ongoing.
I was thinking that maybe buying a smartphone on bill pay might be the way to go instead of a tablet. Slightly smaller screen but similar if not better processors plus 3g and maybe 4g as well as all sorts of connectivity options.
I was looking @ the S4 for a little while but now i'm looking @ the Sony Xperia Z because it's cheaper first day with similar hardware to the S4.
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# 17 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:04
I'm a smartphone virgin. Are the photos on the S4 sharp in low light? Low light is where camera phones often fall down. I'm holding out for the right one.
# 18 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:19
Most camera phones are poor there really is no point in buying a smart phone based on its camera. You may as well buy the entry level alcatel and buy a camera separately it would be cheaper and you would get a better camera.
# 19 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:25
Someone said :
After seeing all the android phones at the meet it is taking Herculean efforts to suppress my need to get an S4. Silly really when the S5 is a couple of months away.

when is the s5 out?
# 20 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:42
Around April I'd say.
# 21 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:52
Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, leaks, news and rumours etc ...
# 22 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:52
If you're opting for a smartphone, you could do worse than look at a FairPhone.
# 23 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 15:18
So it turned out the S4 wasn't that much of a leap from the S3 when you stripped away the gimmicks. However, this evening Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S5. I may be getting one eventually if it dazzles in all the right places - any android fans excited for it?
# 24 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 15:27
Had the S3 and replaced with HTC One. They're really nice phones but Samsung load them with so much dross and push you towards their own (piss poor) App store it becomes annoying (for me anyways).

It's always interesting to see what they'll do but am more interested - at the moment - in seeing the HTC One update or the new Android Nokias just announced. etc ...
# 25 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 15:47
If the HTC One had a physical home button I probably would have bought it by now.
# 26 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 16:20
Someone said :
If the HTC One had a physical home button I probably would have bought it by now.

You wouldn't miss it actually. You can use the power and lower volume button for screengrabs etc.
# 27 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 17:10
Apparently an image has leaked ahead of the conference
Yikes - it looks nearly as big as the Note.
# 28 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 17:14
I really don't like the Samsungs for some reason, something about the way they look just puts me off.

I have a Sony Xperia and I'm pretty happy with it.
# 29 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 19:11
# 30 : Monday 24-2-2014 @ 19:40
Pity they didn't change much with the design - its getting a bit tired now.
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