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The Shameless Self-Promotion Thread
# 76 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 14:22
  ttp:// etc ...[/IMG]Also available on iTunes and Spotify.
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# 77 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 17:03
I found it on Spotify, but can't get it to play.
# 78 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 17:23
I tried it there on mine and it works.

My first questions would be
They've been pushing a new upgrade though, have you taken it?
Is it a problem with all music or just a few?

and my first suggestion would be
Maybe you're in an area/have a computer setting where spotify is not able to download music, i.e., if you're at work they might have a spotify block-mognify-er that's only half working (i.e., not blocking stuff that already downloaded, but filtering new stuff).

I got 1c from spotify last year; you're talking to a professional musician.
# 79 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 17:32
It keeps playing other songs.
# 80 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 17:47
well I ain't here to promote my tech support abilities.
# 81 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 18:03
Someone post the final link to download or stream this
# 82 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 18:14
Polo is pirating my music! arrest him! Moderators! Somebody!!!

Ok, here is the free download link from bandcamp which can be found by clicking on the label's page and clicking "bandcamp" then clicking "free download" etc ...

Not only is it free and you own it forever, but by using this link you wont even be giving the label the clicks it deserves for putting the track there at all.

I hope you have plenty of Horlicks (for which to sleep at night, and providing it doesn't cause Eczema flair ups).
# 83 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 18:31
Cool had a listen there. I prefer the first one
# 84 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 18:33
Hey before I forget; The royalties that clubs and radio stations pay, do they pay the same fee for every song or do some songs cost more to play??? And if so is the cost of playing a song a deciding factor in what a radio or club plays???
# 85 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 19:46
Do you mean like IMRO? I've no idea how it works only that it costs about a grand of year for 24 gigs a year.
# 86 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 19:49
I don't know what I mean really but I was under the impression that a radio station paid a tiny amount of money for every time they played a song? Likewise with club DJs??
# 87 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 20:10
Sketches[ /B]Mileena from Mortal Kombat
Kitana from Mortal Kombat
Chun Li from Street Fighter
Makeup Baraka from Mortal Kombat
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat
Bane from Batman
Maleficent Costume
This is all my own work
# 88 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 20:34
Pretty impressive there Vagabond!
# 89 : Wednesday 16-7-2014 @ 22:10

Particularly like the second one "DJ go come on!" very creative.
# 90 : Thursday 17-7-2014 @ 15:49
Someone said :
Particularly like the second one "DJ go come on!" very creative.

It started off as a joke/dare between friends, and then it kinda wrote itself.

Great Work Vegabond, The Mileena and Scorpion in particular.
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