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The Shameless Self-Promotion Thread
# 121 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 17:04
Ye've got 400 euro over yer target.
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# 122 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 19:19
Paddy was in bits.
He was happy and tired, and wired, and nervous and bamboozled becasue he'd spent a fortnight projecting how many hundreds of euro we'd lose in worst case scenarios.

It was funny and touching to see some of the emotions spill out. I mean we're all in this together, but it's his vision we're all working towards.
He's the captain of the ship and he takes a lot on.

We made a stretch goal of 4,500 to get Vinyl printed.

we are 2000/4500 right now, and we've really only just finishing up asking the inner circle, in the next few weeks we'll have to get on radio and stuff, and get networking, try and land one of the bigger fish.

# 123 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 00:22
# 124 : Friday 3-11-2017 @ 20:41
I seem to be the only person using this thread

anyways this came out.

Video Link : filmed it at an up-and-coming Studio in Dublin, they wire everything up to a studio upstairs, and then film the session with a few cameras, the result is a live music video with very well mixed and produced sound (we're shocked at the quality).

I have no problem plugging them (if I may do so here)
It was Displace Studios, in Dublin.
# 125 : Sunday 4-2-2018 @ 00:29
Our graphics editor (who was recommended to us by the actual pressing house, printing our stock) RAN OFF with our budget for graphics, and we had to get a new guy to do it.
So 8 months past our schedule, everything is done.

Album ready. Digital, CD, Vinyl.
It will be stocked in independent record stores nationwide.
Release date February 14th.
Preordering available from Bandcamp.

# 126 : Sunday 4-2-2018 @ 22:18
Sounds good, best of luck with the release, Greenmanpp.
# 127 : Sunday 4-2-2018 @ 22:19
Published a book on Irish Deaf history, focusing on the school for Deaf Girls in Dublin. (as one of the editors) It's called "Through the Arch."
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