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Photography Thread
# 1 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 17:11

We don't seem to have a thread just for great photos of any sort so here it is.

I'll start with this amazing photo of a wood carving:

# 2 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 17:18
# 3 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 17:20
Someone said :

This is not the "what's for dinner" thread Loosey.

A milky waterfall appears to be cascading down from the Milky Way. Photographer Tore Heggelund had set out to capture the Milky Way on a clear night above Hardangerfjord, Norway. He realised the lighting conditions were causing a nearby waterfall to glow bright white. And after carefully positioning his camera, Tore managed to create the illusion of a river of milk plummeting from the night sky.

# 4 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 18:19
Not sure I like that time lapse effect you see with many river photos. Is it called a long exposure? Just take a normal picture.
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# 5 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 18:23
To get the stars he had to do a long exposure with the side effect of giving the flowing river the same exposure.
# 6 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 18:25
Yup, what Kev said. You'd never be able to photograph the milky way in this wayotherwise.
# 7 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 18:34

The Modern Art Museum, Frankfurt (MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst )
# 8 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 18:39
@ Kev / Frodo, oh right I see. The sky looks great as its moving very slowly but I don't like the same effect on the water I guess.
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# 9 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 19:37
I don't think the sky would look like that from anywhere on earth without long exposure.

But I get what you mean about the flowing water. It is a bit overused when photographing rivers or waterfalls.
# 10 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 19:47
Available light photography is far from perfect.
Night scenes are a challenge. If you want to shoot stars,
then you ideally chose a moonless night (new moon). No moon light to take away from the stars. You use a tripod and either a cable release or remote release to avoid camera shake. The exposure could be several minutes long. If anything else is in the frame it obviously is getting the same exposure.
Cityscapes at night with all the streaming tail lights of passing cars is achieved in a similar manner.
# 11 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 19:48

A friend of mine just posted some fresh pics of Dublin nature in the sun.
# 12 : Monday 8-4-2013 @ 21:02
# 13 : Tuesday 9-4-2013 @ 08:10

Engelberg, Switzerland.
Photo by Svetlana Peric.
# 14 : Tuesday 9-4-2013 @ 11:51
Holy fucking magic mushrooms!
Bright and beautiful.
# 15 : Tuesday 9-4-2013 @ 17:55
Isn't it?

This is the MyZeil, probably the biggest shopping centre in central Frankfurt. It doesn't look half as cool as this photo makes it, one of the reasons it's such an excellent photo.

This where my gym is and where I used to go for haircuts, shopping etc. So I'm there all the time, really. I never seen it the way this photo shows.


The top level of the MyZeil.
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