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Random Questions, Part Four
# 781 : Sunday 6-5-2018 @ 10:16
I tried withdrawing €500 this morning but machine would only give me €250. It was an ATM in a garage. I think though it might let me get the €500 if it was an ATM affliated to a bank.

You really learn something new every day.....
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# 782 : Thursday 14-6-2018 @ 13:01
Anybody who vapes do you know if you're allowed put your e cigarette in your carry on luggage at airport?

I googled this and couldn't find anything definite. I learned Heathrow has a vaping lounge.
# 783 : Thursday 14-6-2018 @ 13:08
I've never seen or heard of a vape being confiscated.
# 784 : Thursday 14-6-2018 @ 13:16
Cool. I'd put the liquids in my bag that I booked in. It will probably be ok.
# 785 : Monday 9-7-2018 @ 18:37
What's this TERF all about? It seems to be causing murder. London Pride had some protests over it.
# 786 : Saturday 28-7-2018 @ 19:02
Are hankys ( as in the hanky code) a thing again ?????? I was a bit like uh hello you do that but then I thought u know it cuts out all the bullshit- you know exactly what they are into let the buyer beware. .
# 787 : Saturday 28-7-2018 @ 19:34
I seriously doubt it when you have hook up apps.
# 788 : Saturday 28-7-2018 @ 20:26
Someone said :
I seriously doubt it when you have hook up apps.

Lots of people dont use apps = the direct approach works as well . Iv e seen some gay men with coloured hankys in their back pockets .. I'll ask the next time Enquiring minds want to know ...
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