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David Beckham Retires From Football
# 31 : Friday 30-12-2016 @ 23:59
Her contributions to music

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# 32 : Saturday 31-12-2016 @ 00:01
Someone said :

Not really, are they all shitty 90's pop has-beens?

And Jimmy Saville
# 33 : Saturday 31-12-2016 @ 15:20
Someone said :
Her contributions to music

My favourite of her solo "efforts"
# 34 : Monday 9-1-2017 @ 04:40
# 35 : Saturday 1-4-2017 @ 07:48
Didn't know where to throw this up (do we not have a Best thing on the Internet thread - I've just found it)

All the views on YouTube have been me I think, on repeat. Now it's time to share it.

Victoria Beckham & James Corden in Mannequin (with a little bit of Carpool Karaoke thrown in).

The only thing that would have made this better would have been if the mannequins at the end were the other Spice Girls.

VB is life.
# 36 : Saturday 1-4-2017 @ 09:00
David Beckham running out of time to see plans through for proposed Major League Soccer franchise in Miami


David Beckham is fast running out of time to get his proposed Major League Soccer franchise off the ground in Miami, with the league officials having already granted him leeway in finalising long-delayed plans.

MLS commissioner Don Garber warned the Beckham group last month that the deadline for them to become the 24th team in the MLS was looming, without giving a specific date.

But the end of this month is now accepted by Beckham’s aides as the absolute cut-off for having a signed contract in place with new investors who will help fund the building of a stadium on land already purchased for the project in the Overtown area of Miami.

The talk in Miami is of how little Beckham has been seen in Florida of late. But that is seen as a strategic move, with Beckham not wanting to raise false hopes — after so many setbacks in the last three years over finding a stadium site — until there is concrete news to announce.

But despite leaving it so late, the ownership company Miami Beckham United are still confident of fielding an MLS side in 2018 at a temporary home before their new stadium is ready for the 2019 season.
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