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Buying A Television
# 16 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 10:38
This might sound daft but make sure it has analogue audio outs like say a headphone jack out. Some flat screens only come with digital optical audio out, which limits your options.
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# 17 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 11:28
I was considering this

Or for a few Euros extra, its big brother.
# 18 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 12:12
I recently purchased a 40" samsung tv, its led and 3d also, however i might not ever use the 3d! If you can wait and see over the next bank holiday weekend you tend to get tv's that bit cheaper, I got 200e off the tv I purchased over the easter weekend! Paif 700e for it but it now 895e! Also id recommend getting one with a LED screen and not plasma, you should have alot of choice as well for 500e. Good luck with the search.
# 19 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 12:21
I don't know what LG customer service is like now but a few years ago, it was great. I had an LG DVD recorder and the remote failed after six months. I rang their Customer Service desk at 4:30pm on New Year's Eve. The guy that answered took details of when and where it was purchased and then asked me for my home address. He posted me out a remote which arrived on the 4th of January. I was pleased with the outcome because they took a no-quibble approach and sorted it straight away.
# 20 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 12:34
Does the spec look good on the link?
Seems to have everything i need. The 42" has more connections on the back, which will accom my dvd and blu ray player and a PS3 if i get one.
# 21 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 12:49
The 42" looks like a great value purchase.
# 22 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 12:55
Sweet. I think ill pick it up tomorrow
# 23 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:11
Hi there

If any use to you I have a brand new Panasonic Viera TV

It has smart Viera, Never used inwrapper and box

Worth 800 am looking to get 400 for it. It was too big for room
# 24 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:16
I'd really advise anyone to get a smart television. I did and I would not be happy at all having to go back. The convenience of being able to play files directly from my laptop to my TV sans wires... brilliant.
# 25 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:36
Someone said :
Sweet. I think ill pick it up tomorrow

Make sure you can hook up a hard drive too it and use as a monitor, I am doing the same with my TV shortly!
# 26 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:37
Wireless media streaming can be done from a PC to PS3 but as I occasionally rewind hard to hear bits I find wired is faster / smoother in that respect.

Where are you getting it BBJ?
# 27 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:39
I personally don't have a PS3, but with my Samsung TV, you can control the rewind the same as on a PC.
# 28 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:48
Mine too but it takes about 5 or 10 seconds to rewind 2 seconds - maybe my wireless setup is bad.
# 29 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:49
Mine really is instantaneous, (sorry if I like something I become a total product evangelist).
# 30 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 13:58
Im not really bothered about the smart tv. I dont watch a lot of tv, mostly just movies. My GF will use it more than me but as long as we have the digital box and i can download everyone is happy. It will be very nice to finally see my Blu Rays on something that does them justice.

My Blu Ray player and 10" portable setup in the bedroom is a constant source of amusement
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