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Procrastination - Is There A Known Cure?
# 1 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:10
Usually I dont worry too much about when things get done - most likely, at the last minute but with exams looming I need to kick this habit of having a long list of things to do and getting none of them done.

Help me please!

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# 2 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:11
I'll let you know tomorrow
# 3 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:11

"I was going to procrastinate but I think I'll do it later"
# 4 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:21
yea i'd love to be an anticrastinator but that will never happen
# 5 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:28
I've developed procrastination into a fine art!

One lesson is to do things one at a time - break it down. Don't think of the overall tasks as a monolithic whole, or it'll become so overwhelming that you won't want to face it and ergo you will leave it to "later."
# 6 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:34
Aye. I wasted yesterday and did very little today. I now have 7 days until my first exam.
# 7 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:43
Great Irish short about procrastination.

(Watch if you feel like procrastinating.)

Video Link :
# 8 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 22:48
If only I did the dishes or re-arrange my book shelves. I wasn't even that productive.
# 9 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:19
# 10 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:27
The only cure for procrastination is to start early

To be honest though, the mental torture that goes with putting things on the long finger is just excruciating. You can enjoy or relax into no activity because the pending task/tasks are always there lingering, just waiting to spoil a beautiful summers day, like today.

I too have a tendency to procrastinate and boy does it stress me out. So, this morning at 9am I decided to pack for my holiday next Sunday to Portugal and I feel good about it
# 11 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:32
Well, I guess I am starting early. I have a week to go but the last time I took exams was 13 years ago and I dont want to just "scrape a pass" this time.
# 12 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:38
Just get started tomorrow on your study. The sooner you start the better - just starting the task being long-fingered helps to break the ice and get you into the flow of things.

Putting it off just makes it build and build in your mind.
# 13 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:38
I just finished a bout of exams myself last week. The last seven days are the most crucial I think. Yes, you can read and read and read and prepare but whatever is going to be retained will be in the last week. So just hit the ground running now
# 14 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:45
Thanks guys.
# 15 : Sunday 19-5-2013 @ 23:48
“I'm a big believer in putting things off, In fact, I even put off procrastinating.

-Ella Varner”

(Good one)
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