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New Xbox One Unveiled
# 1 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:05
Microsoft is finally revealing the new Xbox today.

Check out the link below for a live stream

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# 2 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:09
I really hope it's not compulsory always online. Some of us can't get UPC and are stuck with Meteor.
# 3 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:12
Concentrating heavily on the media features so far. :/
# 4 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:14
I'm interested to know whether the TV feature is more than the existing streaming TV feature on Xboxlive?
# 5 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:24
I'm sticking with my Super Nintendo. I log onto my laptop for media features. I play video games video games.

My SNES has been with me since 1992. It needed one repair due to me loaning it to a careless friend as a child. It still works perfectly today.

I got an X-Box 360 in 2006 and needed five replacements. Go figure.

Here's my Woodstock.

Video Link :
# 6 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:41
The box looks a little bland

Video Link :
# 7 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:43
Looks like a budget dvd player from Tescos tbh.
# 8 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:47
I think it looks nice.
It will fit in better with most TVs and media centers.
Its like an adult version of the Xbox
# 9 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 18:50
@ Transcend, yeah its not very console-looking.

It reminds me of an old Mitsubishi VHS player I had years ago.
# 10 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 23:08
What is this new Xbox all about?
# 11 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 23:15
I hope they continue support for Xboxlive for some years to come. I've only had an Xbox360 since mid-2011.
# 12 : Tuesday 21-5-2013 @ 23:40
Ah yeah Xbox 360 Live service will continue for 2-3 years at least.

Looks like game installs will be mandatory and you won't need to have the disc in the machine afterwards. But, and this is a big but, you won't be able to lend your game to someone else without them paying some kind of short or long-term fee to activate the disc. Not sure what this will do for the used-game market.
# 13 : Wednesday 22-5-2013 @ 08:10
I hope this fails spectacularly. That is all.
# 14 : Wednesday 22-5-2013 @ 12:53
It will probably do well in Murica. Not so much in Europe / Japan.
# 15 : Wednesday 22-5-2013 @ 13:34
It doesn't sound great so far. I mean, voice commands? I fucking hate voice commands. I'd feel like such a pillock shouting "Xbox on!" at my gaming device. Voice commands are a gimmick.

It has refined sensors, which means it's still going for that Kinect vibe, the one that nobody I know actually likes.

The Skype feature sounds good.

As for switching from game to TV, I dunno why I would want that. I can already switch to TV by using the remote.

The 'exclusive content' angle (free NFL content, hurrah?), and deals with Activision and EA Sports aren't beneficial to the user. They are just a signal that Mircosoft is yet again trying to monopolise a marketplace.

The way resale and rights will be handled is worrying.

All and all, this comes across as a hegemonic bid to dominate home entertainment instead of focusing of delivering a platform for better gaming at an affordable price.

In summary: boo.

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