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New Xbox One Unveiled
# 31 : Friday 31-5-2013 @ 01:09
Someone said :
E3 is a week and a half away so hopefully this issue will be cleared up then. Otherwise the bad PR will continue.

It's amazing, isn't it, how such a wealthy and experienced global brand name could make such an almighty balls of a product launch.
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# 32 : Friday 31-5-2013 @ 06:40
# 33 : Thursday 6-6-2013 @ 23:45
MS have finally confirmed some of the outstanding issues regarding DRM, used games and privacy. It looks pretty bad for consumers.
No renting, no loaning. No private sales (unless selling to someone who has been on your friends list for 30 days)

Console Checks in Every 24 hours

Trade-ins are up to the publisher and only at participating retailers

You can give a game to a friend only if they have been on your friends list for 30 days, and then it is stuck with them.

Up to 10 family members can play your games from any console at any time

# 34 : Thursday 6-6-2013 @ 23:52
Someone said :
Up to 10 family members can play your games from any console at any time

Will they be seeking DNA samples from customers in order to validate blood relationships
# 35 : Wednesday 4-9-2013 @ 15:43
The launch date has been announced as 22nd November! I wonder how it will do compared to PS4.
# 36 : Wednesday 4-9-2013 @ 15:50
It is really bizarre.
I wonder just how many more restrictions will become commonplace over the next few years/consoles.
I cant get my head around it at all. People should just not buy it, that way they will have no choice but to drop these stupid terms.
# 37 : Wednesday 4-9-2013 @ 15:53
Oh MS backtracked on all those restrictions due to a massive backlash. Very embarrassing for them.
# 38 : Wednesday 4-9-2013 @ 15:55
Good enough.
They should shoot whoever came up with those ideas.
# 39 : Thursday 5-9-2013 @ 01:02
Looks like Sega will port the Total War series engine to Xbox One and PS4. etc ...
# 40 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 11:33
Is anyone getting an Xbawxk today?
# 41 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 13:00
I played it last Friday at the Xboxonetour. Not bad but I am not persuaded yet it does much the Xbox360 can't do. And anyway it's expensive.
# 42 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 14:38
A friend of mine bought one today. I haven't heard a peep from him since! He'll give me a very one sided, only point out the positives, review of it anyway so it won't be much use for people on here who are undecided about what console to get.
# 43 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 17:17
The voice commands sound very cumbersome - I wouldn't be happy if they only worked 75% of the time as seems to be the case.
# 44 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 17:17
Read something today with this video saying Kinect can even make out peen outline

Video Link :
# 45 : Friday 22-11-2013 @ 17:19
Ha ha - maybe its worth getting after all.
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