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Sony / MS / Nintendo Game Announcements
# 31 : Thursday 20-6-2013 @ 16:25
It is a spectacular embarrassment for the development team. It is hard to see how they could have gotten things more wrong. That rather grovelling apology/back track shows just how badly they misjudged the market.
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# 32 : Thursday 20-6-2013 @ 16:59
At the end of the day it's what's inside (the games) that counts. Surely? They have rolled back on the internet thing. People will forgive if they like the look of the games.

I still recall how the Sega Saturn failed because its 3D games didn't look as good as the PS2 counterparts. Also the Xbox360 beat the PS3 for similar reasons e.g. the Xbox360 version of Bayonetta.
# 33 : Tuesday 2-7-2013 @ 16:29
Edge August Edition isn't pulling any punches!
# 34 : Tuesday 2-7-2013 @ 16:32
Someone said :
Edge August Edition isn't pulling any punches!

Perhaps a rebranding and renaming would help decontaminate the launch?
# 35 : Tuesday 2-7-2013 @ 16:52
With Don Mattrick (Xbox boss) leaving for Zynga yesterday, I don't see them recovering before launch. The race is long though - things could well change next year.
# 36 : Wednesday 13-7-2016 @ 10:35
Pretty much everyone on my train this morning was playing Pokemon Go.

I don't get it.

Just from watching there was pokemons appearing on their screens that were on the train?

I'm actually delighted I hated the Pokemon craze.
# 37 : Wednesday 13-7-2016 @ 11:14
They are getting lured to isolated places and getting their shit robbed. Good enough for them.
# 38 : Wednesday 13-7-2016 @ 11:52
I forsee this causing a lot of trouble. A girl in America has already found a body in a river, along side her water dwelling pokemon.
At least some might get a bit of exercise.
# 39 : Friday 13-1-2017 @ 10:42
Nintendo Switch looks coooooool.

Out in a few weeks!
# 40 : Friday 13-1-2017 @ 17:09
Just watching the Treehouse video now. As mentioned before, I'm not crazy about those fiddly looking joycons with the tiny buttons. So I'd need to buy a Pro Controller separately. That plus a game or two could cost the guts of €450+

I'm gonna skip it for now but I will probably get it after the inevitable price drop later in the year when there will also be more good games to play.
# 41 : Monday 16-1-2017 @ 17:18
I can only see Nintendo fanboys buying that paperweight.

It's pure shite and actual gamer's will ignore it.
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