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Plans For Pride?
# 1 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 01:54
So folks, what's your plans for Saturday? Are you going to the Parade? Marching in it? Wearing something raunchy and letting your hair down?
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# 2 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 02:01
Someone said :
So folks, what's your plans for Saturday? Are you going to the Parade? Marching in it? Wearing something raunchy and letting your hair down?

well i plan to boycott pride only to gatecrash the public event to rob the mic to complain about noise and NW pride not being allowed in
# 3 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 02:04
As you do! ^,^
# 4 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 02:07
Someone said :
As you do! ^,^

# 5 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 02:58
I hope the hot married men are marching this year .
# 6 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 03:03
im after spilling the wine on the couch.... i think its time to go 2 bed
# 7 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 06:11
I'll prob head in and watch the parade, then see if I can see anyone I know and force myself upon them for a while.
I'm thinking of wearing one of my Pretty Cure t-shirts and maybe bringing in one of their attack items or transformation items...
# 8 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 10:41
I will go in and watch it. I'm hoping for lots of half naked people.
# 9 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 11:56
Hoping to head along this year to show my support and sink a few in one of the bars afterwards.
# 10 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 12:09
Ive got a busy day planned.

Going to a friends house on Saturday morning where a gang of us will be having a "Pride Brekkie" aka line our tummes for the day

We will head into town after that for the parade and will probably be found walking behind The George float. Then it's off to Merrion Square after that, then back into town and will make an appearance in some of the gay venues. With the The George, Dragon, Pantibar, Front Lounge, Mother and Bukakke @ 4 Dame Lane, there are plenty of places to choose from.
# 11 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 12:47
I'm faciltating a workshop on CPD so will miss Pride.

I'd miss it anyway even if I wasn't doing the workshop as I'm not interested.
# 12 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 17:50
I don't know what the fook I'm doing for it, was supposed to go to a champagne brunch and get suited up in a costume for the parade but that kinda fell on it's arse lol
# 13 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 18:04
Last year marched with G-Force, this year I think I will watch from the sidelines. see more hot men.
# 14 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 18:27
I'm hoping to join El Staighre's "Gay Shame" parade.

Not On My Doorstep!
# 15 : Tuesday 25-6-2013 @ 19:33
Meeting up with my Brazilian friend and a couple of his friends before the march. Their outfits are supposed to be quite spectaculer, so dying to see that then later to TH "Tranniehaven" for a few beers. Id say a lot of the usual venues will be jammed packed.
lets hope the weather will be good.
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