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Plans For Pride?
# 31 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 14:25
Someone said :
You still havn't answered my question of an alternative route!

I didn't say I had an alternative route, I was suggesting to just return to the old one.
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# 32 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 14:27
I asked for you to suggest an alternative route given you seem keen for the parade to still be on Dame Street.
# 33 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 14:43
Someone said :
I asked for you to suggest an alternative route given you seem keen for the parade to still be on Dame Street.

Someone said :

return to the old one.

Not sure what's unclear.
# 34 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 14:51
Someone said :

Not sure what's unclear.

You clearly missed my point earlier when I said that the Civic Offices is not a suitable venue for those attending the Pride Party due to growing numbers attending.

I mean what part of that are you not understanding?

I also suggested an alternative parade route which you seem to have glossed over too.
# 35 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 14:55
I agree that the Civic Offices wasn't big enough for the party (I also mentioned it, in fact). My point was, if the Merrion Square party doesn't improve this year with the changes they're making based on feedback from last year (which, if I remember correctly, I contributed to), I don't think it's a terribly good trade-off. I'd prefer the limited party in the Civic Offices with a better route, rather than a poor route and party.

Again, you can't please everyone. I've really enjoyed just hanging out on Capel St the past few years, outside Nealons and Panti. The atmosphere's been great. So I wouldn't overly miss the post-parade party. I'd probably prefer some speeches in the Civic Offices.
# 36 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 15:25
That's true. You can't please everyone. The post pride party has only been at Merrion Square just the one year so far and I'm sure any teething problems along with the feedback given will be addressed to make sure that Saturday's and future Pride events at Merrion Square will be better.
# 37 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 15:32
I didn't notice much difference in the route if I'm honest. Granted some of the streets are narrower but hoardes of people still gathered there and the buzz seemed to be the same (to me at least).

I think the Merrion Square party could be amazing. Last year it had a few problems but that was to be expected giving it was the first year. The civic offices were too small and every year I ended up losing my friends in the rush to get in. Some would get in but more would end up having to to straight to the pub. That isn't a problem with Merrion. If they sort out the entertainment/speech issue, then I can imagine most people will go there for a while before the pubs.

Last year I remember people complaining that Merrion was 'too far' from the pubs which IMO is a bullshit excuse. It's literally a ten minute walk. If enough of an event was made of Merrion, then they'd have no excuse to go there first.
# 38 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 15:35
I think I'll wander down to Capel St too after the speeches. There's always a good buzz there.

At time of typing, the weather outlook for Saturday is bright, warm and dry with no winds to contend with.
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# 39 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 16:02
Someone said :
Few questions for you guys. Is there an official pride club night anywhere? Previous years it has been in Button Factory and Tripod I think? Is it any good? Ended up in the george past two years which I don't want to happen again, also is it true Mother will not be throwing a street party? This makes me sad if its true as the past three years it has been the highlight of my pride

Mother is throwing a free but ticketed party in Meeting House Square this year.

At least I think it's free.

So unfortuntely bye bye to that great street party buzz. I'm sure Flounge will spill out onto the street however.
# 40 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 17:24
I really enjoyed Merrion Square last year. Because there was so much space I met lots of people I knew including some I hadn't seen for years. That didn't happen to the same extent in previous years. Me and the bf stayed mainly on the south side (near the bar) and only went around to the stage for the announcement of the IGLFA European championships. So I missed most of the speeches.

It is a bit of a slog back to the bars when you've been on your feet for hours. I think we got a taxi.
# 41 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 17:27
Living in Capel street now it will only take me 30 secs to stagger home from MS Pantis Homosexual paradise
# 42 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 19:02
Let's hope we get weather like today.
# 43 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 19:10
# 44 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 19:20
sun was beaming in kilmainham almost all day.
# 45 : Wednesday 26-6-2013 @ 19:32
The last few years The Civic Offices were packed - I remember the last 2 years people were denied access -. Its good they have a wider space. Its a sad day in the Gay world when people are denied access as a result of crowd control. There were plenty of people who couldn't gain access to Pride in the Civic Offices.

Merrion Square Park is a bigger area. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.
As for the nearness of pubs - I get it - but it shouldn't cross your mind the distance when we have our own space for the day.

Its not that far in the grand scheme of things......

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