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# 31 : Tuesday 18-6-2019 @ 19:04
Some do some may even find it erotic
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# 32 : Sunday 21-7-2019 @ 08:53
A few of my girlfriends know about my dressing and they are very understanding, they help me shop and give me tips about make up and other things, we regularly have nights wer i dress and spend the evening as a woman

As regards girls dating cd's i dunno how they would feel not something we have discussed
# 33 : Wednesday 16-10-2019 @ 17:30
Hi Dawn P

You may never get this Its so long ago but I feel the same as you
# 34 : Wednesday 16-10-2019 @ 17:41
I love a lady in lingerie and if it turns her on IL wear it to
# 35 : Friday 18-10-2019 @ 20:52
I cannot speak for others on this and Ive met so many diverse people over the years who were all so really lovely....I for class myself female,,society classes me as Transgendered whis is okay,,,However the difference between me and say a transvestite is I feel I am and always should have been a girl in ever single aspect,where as a Transvestite is content in their lives but loves to wear female clothing,be it for sexual desires or for fun but the ultimate goal is completely different if that makes sense at all...and I am only too delighted this topic was raised actually..excellent post..
# 36 : Tuesday 22-10-2019 @ 14:58
I’m happy I was born a male but I like to appear as feminine as I can to attract men when I wear lingerie it doesn’t get me hard like some trans it to attract a man and be pleased as a bottom I would never want a vagina but breasts hormone treatment and penis reduction yes and hopefully I will.
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