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Get This...
# 16 : Tuesday 13-8-2013 @ 02:21
I'll save you a LOT of time. Check the following threads:

a LOT of people have no problems with bisexual people.

A LOT of people have problems with cheaters. End of.
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# 17 : Tuesday 13-8-2013 @ 17:24
Someone said :
There's no point. Your mind is closed. It's black or white, good or bad...

Do you tell your girlfriend what you get up to?

If not is it because she's 'close minded'?
# 18 : Tuesday 13-8-2013 @ 18:02
Someone said :
Wow, everyone's a judge tonight. I wonder how many gaire members are single?

If you dont want people to judge you then its best to keep your mouth closed.
Thats what people do.

Try not to pass on any sexually transmitted diseases to your GF.
# 19 : Wednesday 14-8-2013 @ 01:02
Someone said :
Of the hundreds, nay thousands of members, on this "dating site" two people criticized me.
Do the math.

The Classified is the dating part of the site.
The Message Boards is the judging part of the site.
You made a date with being judged when you expected people to confuse bisexuality and cheating.
Someone said :
Well on your profile you do have that you're single.

Someone said :
Yes, and I could have lied. Easily.[...] But here, unlike my real life, I don't lie.

If your online profile says "single" (I do not know, I did not check), then how are you "not lying online"?
You objectively wasted his time by lying online... with an inaccurate profile. Which is 100% your right. And 100% his.

What is 0% your right is to cheat on your girlfriend.
Someone said :
[...]Obviously my girlfriend can't offer me what the gurls here can. I could have had this guy over to my place no problem by lying. [...]

It would not be cheating if she knew about it and accepted it.
So the problem is not that she "cannot give it to you"... but that she is with you based on a lie. Maybe if she knew she'd rather get it somewhere else too!
There you have it:
- Bisexuals can be truthful and faithful if they choose to
- Bisexuals can be monogamist if they choose too (but they might be with either one man or one woman at a time)
- Bisexuals can be in an open relationship of their life partner knows beforehand what is going on and accept if freely and reciprocally; and if the "others" know about too it! (But she needs to know first, and to know everything)
- Cheats cannot hide behind the "I am bisexual" or "I had no choice when I started with my girlfriend"

The "bi" in bisexual does not stand for "two faced" but "two possible faces". Get this? Is this still too black and white?
Is truth too judgmental?

# 20 : Wednesday 14-8-2013 @ 01:17
Good post Blah. I think he was expecting tea and sympathy.
# 21 : Wednesday 14-8-2013 @ 01:26
Someone said :
Good post Blah. I think he was expecting tea and sympathy.

Little did he know
# 22 : Wednesday 14-8-2013 @ 08:14
Every so often a cheater posts on here, expecting sympathy from their fellow gays. But they never get it and rightly so.

They have this weird attitude; they've convinced themselves that they're the victims, that what they're doing is right. But they're very much wrong.

Here's the thing, Tyrell... People like you say we're judgemental or prudish or that we don't understand you. But deep down, no matter how much you lie to yourself, YOU KNOW that what you're doing is WRONG. If you didn't believe that your girlfriend wouldn't mind you sleeping around, you wouldn't be hiding it from her.

She is the victim here. Not you.

You say that you're always honest on here but not in real life. Well, guess what! Being honest on here doesn't mean a thing. The only honesty that matters is between you and your girlfriend. Grow a pair of balls and either stop cheating or fess up to your partner.

Or at least stop looking for sympathy. It's pathetic.
# 23 : Wednesday 14-8-2013 @ 08:40
I would not call it pathetic.
After all, he is dealing with an internal struggle between knowing he is a cheat, and getting up every morning to get on. He found a way of coping, part of which is to lie in life and part-lie online.

It is not pathetic, but it is not heroic either.

Do not get the wrong impression: we are not trying to bully you.

If you get one thing out of this ( if such was your goal of course, otherwise you may have reached your goal by just getting answers and people checking out your profile ), it is that your cheating does not have to be, neither online nor in real life.
But it also means that you can only be honest if you are honest with yourself.

You will not find much sympathy here, but you have friends and family to support you.
And you girlfriend might decide to leave you if you tell, but she might also become your best friend, if you stop lying to her. She might be your best asset to find real love: the kind of relationship where you can address your issues without lying.

She may also be that love, who knows. Not the lying you: he will never know.
But the telling-the-truth-in-real-life-you might find out: he is the only one who can find out.
It may have a cost, but the potential rewards are greater than any possible cost. If you have the strength to take it.

If you do not feel strong enough: seek counsel with either friends, confident or family before doing anything rash. And do not blame anyone (not even yourself) for the consequences. It can only get better... after a while of getting worse.
# 24 : Sunday 25-5-2014 @ 22:52
Oooooh Matron!
# 25 : Sunday 25-5-2014 @ 23:04
I don't know wither I'm more happy to see Skrothal posting again, or surprised it was a PG post!
# 26 : Sunday 25-5-2014 @ 23:21
Someone said :
I don't know wither I'm more happy to see Skrothal posting again, or surprised it was a PG post!

# 27 : Sunday 25-5-2014 @ 23:36
Butters is a notorious time waster.

He just gets huge big chunks of it and burns it in the fire.
# 28 : Sunday 25-5-2014 @ 23:37
Has to dry his socks somehow
# 29 : Monday 26-5-2014 @ 08:16
Someone said :
I don't know wither I'm more happy to see Skrothal posting again, or surprised it was a PG post!

# 30 : Monday 26-5-2014 @ 12:17
Someone said :

As in safe for all ages to read!

Do you have to question EVERYTHING?
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