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"Slut Shaming" The Infamous Photo From Slane Of 17 Year Old Girl
# 1 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 18:31
For anyone who hasn't already been unfortunate enough to see the sordid photos circulating facebook and twitter, a 17 year old girl was photographed giving
a bloke a blowjob in broad daylight beside the toilets, in front of many people

The photo has been shared thousands of times and resulted in gardai involvement today, see below.

Personally I think it is disgusting that this young obviously drunk girl has been
so called "slut shamed" this way, and I think it could seriously effect her mental health.

It raises questions about privacy, and committing acts in public.your thoughts lads ?


http://www.thejournal.ie/concert-eminem-slane-girl-1044405-Aug201 etc ...
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# 2 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 18:40
I think that humans take sex much too seriously.
Looking at the animal kingdom, they're at all sorts of antics the whole time that would shock us if humans were engaged in them.
# 3 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 18:43
I'm not in favour of perpetuating the problem by continuing to share the image. I think people need to take more responsibility rather than rubber necking. So I applaud your comment warning people off linking to it.

# 4 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 18:57
how do we know she's 17? Has she been named? I dunno, i wouldn't really have much sympathy for her, people aren't complete morans at that age. Now i'm presuming she wasn't so drunk she didnt know what was happening cos then we'd be talking about a date rape really.
# 5 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 19:26
# 6 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 19:33
What about the bloke in the hat? He's gonna be forever remembered as that twat who got the blowjob. He might be a legend for 15 minutes but pictures of you being a total asshole like that tend to come back to bite you.
# 7 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 19:47
circulating such images would be illegal under child porn laws
Other than this I dont see an issue here
She is legal I am assuming he is too
If she was 18 I would probably google it
# 8 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:03
It most defintely slut shaming. It's all about how terrible the girl is for doing that in public but there doesn't seem to be anything negative out there for the guy. I mean he was the one with his c*ck out in public and yet he seems to be treated like a hero for getting a BJ. Double standards how are ya!
# 9 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:13
# 10 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:24
Christ, I wonder how old she is. Seemingly, it was another girl who uploaded one of the images initially.
# 11 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:25
Someone said :
It raises questions about privacy, and committing acts in public. your thoughts lads ?

There really is no privacy for salacious acts in the social network age. In the past these photos might have been shared amongst a few friends via txt but with twitter they can be trending within minutes.
# 12 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:25
My main issue with the whole episode is the person who was taking the picture. During Feile events in Tipp, all sorts of shit was happening but that was in the days before smartphones and digital photography.

People will be wild, especially in a festival enviroment and inhibitions can (and usually do) go out the window. I feel sorry for them both. Neither one will get away from the picture as they grow older.
# 13 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:27
Monica Lewinsky. And there were no photos.
# 14 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:32
Lewinsky sought exposure though.
# 15 : Monday 19-8-2013 @ 20:33
Someone said :
Monica Lewinsky. And there were no photos.

But cum on a dress.
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