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Ever Seen A Ghost? Ever Lived In A Haunted House ?
# 46 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 20:40
Here are some pictures taken by visitors at my place of work, Wicklow's Historic gaol, Id love to hear what you folks think of them.

You may need to zoom in to see something
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# 47 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 20:55
the spiral light to the front of the building is interesting but what are you expecting us to find in the rest?
# 48 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 20:58
2nd pic a red circle around what customer thinks is a face.
3rd pic the person felt there is an outline of a person almost filling the doorway
4th pic the person thought they could see a face attached to the arm sticking out through the opening in the door
# 49 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 20:59
I could see the anomaly in the door in the first one, the third one looks like theres the silhouette of a man, quite creepy!
Have you got any more ?

Heres two pics that myself and Gollumfarrell took when we visited Cork City jail a few weeks ago. Its reputedly haunted too and there was a bit of a strange thing
I noticed... In the first picture you will see what looks like something partially
blocking a window on the 1st floor, centre window (theres a flight of stairs going up on its left, and on its right going down) note the man on the top floor is a manikins

In the next picture,you can see the exact same windows a few minutes later and theres nothing there at all, and there was no one else walking around there...except the clearly visible manikins

If you PM me I`ll give you the link for me facebook page and the album
you can see the rest of the pics

# 50 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:03
Scary stuff. love to be brave enough to say the night in a haunted place, but i know i am not.
# 51 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:05
Great pics BB, to me it looks like the figure in the middle window has no legs.
# 52 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:12
@Honest Joe
Id love to sleep in a haunted place the closest Ive gotten to it
is a mate of ours whose house is reputedly haunted,but I haven't slept there since I
was a kid

Yeah Ive zoomed in to the originals and it looks like a solid person from
the waist up, and theres a few more pics and angles which clearly show that there
is nothing in the surrounding area, the light fittings from the ceiling stop about
one storey above it.The place was spooky but to be honest it wasn't as bad as some
other historic places Ive been in, so the pics where a shock

Would love to visit Wicklow Jail

Was talking to me mate Arron in the pub yesterday, he works in Topshop and I was asking him about the stories about Jervis Centre being haunted, apparently its common knowledge to the people who work there. Jervis Street was a hospital and many of the original basements and morgue etc were partially maintained and are now storage areas.The surrounding area has everything from a deconsecrated graveyard,which is now a park.... they just moved the headstones against the wall!

Heres a pic of it

# 53 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:18
Have heard many stories about the Jervis centre especially the basements
# 54 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:20
Someone said :
Have heard many stories about the Jervis centre especially the basements

tell us one please,
# 55 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:26
# 56 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:29

nice one
# 57 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:33
BB just beat me to it, I know Mark from PiGS, thats the name of the group, and he is a great investigator.
# 58 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 21:36
Comes over very well.
# 59 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:03
This picture was taken in Bective Abbey in Meath last year, the first is original size and the other two have been zoomed in.

# 60 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:05
Someone said :
This picture was taken in Bective Abbey in Meath last year, the first is original size and the other two have been zoomed in.

a light?
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