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Ever Seen A Ghost? Ever Lived In A Haunted House ?
# 61 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:10
Its the ruins of an old Abbey and there is no electricity there, click on each picture and let me know what you think.
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# 62 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:13
Someone said :
Its the ruins of an old Abbey and there is no electricity there, click on each picture and let me know what you think.

A hand,pointing maybe?
# 63 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:36
Someone said :

A hand,pointing maybe?

Thats what I thought
# 64 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:40
Great minds think alike??
# 65 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:42
There can't be ghosts because scientists can't prove it in a laboratory.
# 66 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:45
Do you really beleave that Butters,My Friend
# 67 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:53
So they can be proven?
# 68 : Sunday 22-9-2013 @ 22:53
No,closed minds are silly minds in mein opinion.
# 69 : Monday 23-9-2013 @ 09:31
I very much believe in the world beyond our current, however at times I wounder the value of such an intense interest held by some and how at times we seek to validate the experiences with pictures, videos and other types of mediums rather then acknowledging the possibilities and live life all the more wholesomely.

Pareidolia, glimmers of light and such are usually the cause of such pictures (editing being mostly the result of the others) as I feel that the world we have tends to presents us with indirect ways of acknowledgement rather then physical corporeal manifestations that seem to only feed the ego rather then stir the desire to understand.

As they say, magic and mystery is just nature, not yet understood.
# 70 : Monday 23-9-2013 @ 14:02
Someone said :
This picture was taken in Bective Abbey in Meath last year, the first is original size and the other two have been zoomed in.

You never considered that this is maybe a bat? Their skin is quite pink against any light and wouldn't be uncommon in an abbey.
# 71 : Sunday 29-9-2013 @ 15:59
Myself and Gollumfarrell are going to do some of the ghost tours over the next few weeks if anyone fancies stallin it.The same company do night time trips to Hellfire Club, a Haunted History walking tour and Northside Ghost walk

Ive already done the Northside Ghost walk and it was good craic.A little underwhelming perhaps,but Id be a big Dublin history buff and I learned a few things.

Theres a new Ghost bus tour too, which Id like to check out,might be good to get a few heads together for it
http://www.hiddendublinwalks.com/ghost-tour-dublin-bus-gravedigge etc ...
I've done the other Ghost bus tour a few years ago and it was great craic, genuinely interesting bit of history and spooky too, although the gang of pissed nurses who did it with us slightly wore on me nerves with the screaming and it was sub zero temperatures.
# 72 : Sunday 29-9-2013 @ 19:21
Love to go along let me know when ye have in mind.
# 73 : Sunday 29-9-2013 @ 19:24
Same here - did one a month or so back, was great - from Darkey Kelly to the Dollacher, we've a very interesting history

Let us know when its happening
# 74 : Sunday 29-9-2013 @ 19:47
It sounds like a perfect halloween meet, I'd go.
# 75 : Sunday 29-9-2013 @ 20:03
Yeah it could actually be a great feature for the Halloween Meet..💀🎃 👻

The Gravediggers Ghost bus is probably best suited for the meet because it runs nightly and starts at 7.45 leaving Dame Street and its 2 hours, including a stop
the Gravediggers pub in Glasnevein cemetery
http://www.hiddendublinwalks.com/ghost-tour-dublin-bus-gravedigge etc ...

I think this Tuesday meself and Gollum will either do the Haunted History walk or
the Hellfire trip if anyone would be up for that ?
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