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The Interesting Pictures Thread.
# 76 : Tuesday 11-8-2015 @ 20:21
Someone said :

A crowd in my hometown, early 20th century.

I wish I knew more about this picture. I believe it's early 20th Century and know for sure it's near my hometown as I recognize the landscape. i have no idea what the occasion was, but a striking image, I think.

Bowler hats were not just a London thing!
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# 77 : Tuesday 11-8-2015 @ 20:23
Someone said :

Bowler hats were not just a London thing!

Not at all! I believe for a while in Europe you'd get arrested if you didn't wear one!
# 78 : Tuesday 11-8-2015 @ 20:51
I saw a short article a while ago with a photograph of an open-air union meeting in London in the early years of the last century. The article drew attention to the hats the men were wearing. Most of the middle aged men were wearing cloth caps. Some were wearing bowler hats. A few younger men were wearing boaters, titled well back. The writer said that it would be regarded as ill-manners to be on the street without a hat, and he also said that the lads with their boaters tilted far back were the equivalent of a young man with a diamond ear ring today, with a defiant unconventional approach to appearance.
# 79 : Tuesday 11-8-2015 @ 20:57
The past is fascinating! I wish i knew more about that photo but it hasn't been on the Internet for long, so no information at all.

This image seems to be from the same day. If so this may have something to do with the regicide and the dawn of the Portuguese Republic.

I managed to partially decipher the writing, it says "political rally in Barcarena [something] train station"
# 80 : Thursday 13-8-2015 @ 11:12
Not very interesting but I bought a can of (apparently) unofficial Duff beer today!!

That's my bike in the background, my finger in the foreground!
# 81 : Saturday 15-8-2015 @ 11:52
# 82 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 21:56
# 83 : Monday 31-8-2015 @ 13:05
Panoramic photo gone wrong

# 84 : Monday 31-8-2015 @ 21:04
# 85 : Tuesday 1-9-2015 @ 18:49

One of the last few known photos of Jim Morrison, a week before his death

More here:

http://www.vintag.es/2015/09/last-known-photos-of-jim-morrison-in etc ...
# 86 : Saturday 5-9-2015 @ 21:28


From the Cyanide&Happiness guys' Twitter
# 87 : Sunday 6-9-2015 @ 10:20
# 88 : Wednesday 9-9-2015 @ 16:59
Celebrations in Dublin for the end of World War 1.

# 89 : Wednesday 9-9-2015 @ 17:01
Such a crowd. Wouldn't have expected that many really given the aftermath of 1916.

Do you know what vantage point that pic was taken from? Am guessing its from the roof of Trinity on college green.
# 90 : Wednesday 9-9-2015 @ 17:03
Haven't a clue! Near Trinity sounds about right.
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