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Death, Sex And Bargains
# 1 : Friday 13-9-2013 @ 14:37
Over 10 years Irish people have searched many different terms but apparently Death, Sex and Bargains are the most searched for

http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/10-years-of-irish-googli etc ...

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# 2 : Friday 13-9-2013 @ 15:23
Nothing very exciting about that. I imagine that would be the same for pretty much anywhere really.
# 3 : Friday 3-1-2020 @ 13:56
Somehow this thread seems appropriate for the following prediction: before February, it is likely Gabriel Matzneff will have killed himself.

I had never heard of him before last month.
He has been the French Cathal Ó Searcaigh on steroids.

Since the 60’s/70’s he has never stopped publicly claiming his pedophilia (complacent pedants will say ebephilia and ephebophilia). It was illegal then but a blind eye was turned due to his literary “genius”.
And as years passed, it became more scandalous, so he sold less books, and no charges were brought, even as it became more illegal. And his “genius” that no longer sold was propped up by grants and complacent Literary Prices to keep him living opulently and abusing more girls and boys in France and abroad, and publishing his exploits to some level of acclaim.

Then 30 years after her ordeal a victim traps him in his own device: a book where she reveals what was publicly looked away. Within a week the police is launching an investigation (despite not being the first reporting of his crimes, by far, but it’s visible now...) and “everyone” starts regretting petitions they signed in the 70’s in support of pedophiles, and they all try to explain it away, ‘twas other times’...

He won’t last... he has enjoyed the charms of undeserved fame, he will now taste the public humiliation that should have left him in a gutter 50 years ago.
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