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Would You Pose Nude?
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# 121 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 15:41

You mean cyber?
# 122 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 21:07
As someone who prefers to sleep, sunbathe and swim nude you might think I would have no problem posing nude - but it would entirely depend who I was posing for and where the image was going to be used.

That said, I will be baring all on November 9th for the Mater Foundation Divkie Dip where I and about 300 other brave men will be immersing ourselves in to a very Baltic Irish Sea wearing only dickie bows to raise funds for men’s cancer research and resources.
# 123 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 22:52
Thats a rather drastic prevention method. Freeze 'em off so you don't get cancer

Seriously: fair play to you for a very worthy cause
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