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School Reunions
# 1 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 14:29
I am going to a school reunion this friday, its 20 years since i left.
I'm a bag of nerves at the moment, but it seems that everyone else going is in the same boat.
I am dreading the string of pointless questions from people.
'What do you work at'
'Are you Married'
'Do you have Kids'

It is going to take a lot of alcohol to get through it, but part of me still wants to go and see a few people. There are also a few i will be avoiding like the plague no matter how much time has passed.

How do you feel about reunions, would you want to go to yours?
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# 2 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 14:47
I would love to go to one. I don't think I'd be nervous about it at all.
# 3 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 15:00
I think with Faceboook and all that social media they aren't as popular now, especially in Dublin.

Our 10yr one was last year and out of maybe 200 students, 30 showed up. Wouldn't be bothered with them myself, I'm in touch with who I want to be.

Anyone who wants to keep in touch with each other can now I think through the various means.
# 4 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 15:51
I don't think so. I haven't heard a peep out of any of them since I left school (except a curt "Hello Eamonn" outside Supervalu a few weeks back - and he was from Primary School). Didn't have any schoolfriends in second level.

I was really freaked out by second level and didn't make friends. I wasn't prepared for the conformism of adolescence and the approprium rained down on your head when you can't comply with it. I left when I was 15 in Third Level and the rest of my education was by private tutors.

Mam told me recently the mother of a former second and primary level classmate of mine told her he had asked how I was. To be fair he was not one of my bullies in school. I'd have no problem meeting the people that were okay to me but I would not want to meet the majority who were bullies.
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# 5 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 18:23
I avoid them like the plague.
I've stayed in touch with the people from school that I've wanted to.
What good can come of it?
The pathetic "oh we must meet up again soon" shite.
# 6 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 20:03
No intention of ever going to a school reunion. I didn't like school at all.

They've probably all changed (for the better) but I have no interest.
# 7 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 20:31
they are shite
# 8 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 20:36
My 30th will be in 2 years time, Im kinda hoping they do have one, I'd love to see how some people have gotten on.
# 9 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 21:25
Mine was 2-3 years ago I think but I never bothered heading along. I am in touch with who I want to be from home on Facebook and I am happy with that.
# 10 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 21:31
I would love one but my school never has them.
# 11 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 21:47
Mycroft... maybe organsie one?

I'd go myself (well, to my own ) as although I've stayed in contact with everyone that I wanted too, I'd still for the share nosiness want to go along and see how its all turning out for people
# 12 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 21:50
Someone said :
I would love one but my school never has them.

A student in our year is organising ours.
Take the bull by the horn.
# 13 : Wednesday 2-10-2013 @ 21:56
The last one I was at was 40 years out of school (in 2006). As far as I remember about 20+ showed up out of a class of about 60. We established that 5 of our class were dead. It wasn't organised by the school but by some of my former classmates. One guy came from Canada, one from South Africa and a few from Britain. It was a great night. I was even able to chat amiably with a guy I hated at school!
# 14 : Thursday 3-10-2013 @ 22:20
There is no one that I am not still in contact with that I would want to ever meet again.
# 15 : Thursday 3-10-2013 @ 22:52
We had a conference back in June and it was on the history of the school. More than 300 people attended the conference, and it had the feel of a reunion to it, as even though we see a lot of each other in the Deaf community anyway, there were past pupils who flew in from abroad, and some who never met other Deaf people for over 30 years. One such woman was so delighted to see her classmates again, after 35 years.

As it was, after I gave my presentation on the school's history from 1846-1910, I soon went home.

Far too many people there.
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