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US Website Tell You If Someone Died In Your House
# 1 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 16:05
There`s a US website which lets prospecting home buyers or existing owners know if someone died in a house.

It can effect everything from house prices to superstition.

Has someone died in the house you live in?
Would it make any difference to you? Does it depend on who died and how ?

http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/19/newser-died- etc ...
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# 2 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 16:11
I don't think I would care if someone died of natural causes but I think I would probably be weirded out by knowing someone was murdered there.
# 3 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 16:11
If it is an old house, it is pretty likely that someone died in it anyway. It wouldn't bother me TBH. My Dad had an apartment in Belfast that was the middle floor of a Victorian redbrick house and my sisters were pretty certain that a man had died in the place as they felt there was a presence there.

My place in Castleknock was built over an ancient Indian burial ground...

# 4 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 16:12
Typical American bull blame the previous generation!
# 5 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 16:56
The estate I grew up in was built on a famine mass grave. One of the biggest in Ireland. They moved all the bones that were in the way to one area and made a kids park over it.
# 6 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 17:10
Someone said :
The estate I grew up in was built on a famine mass grave. One of the biggest in Ireland. They moved all the bones that were in the way to one area and made a kids park over it.

I think I posted about this before on another thread but I heard in work last year that a rival insurance company will soon be involved in a sizable lawsuit regarding two very large housing estates(ironically ghost estates!),one in Tallaght and another near Trim which were built by unscrupulous developers
on early 20th century graveyards The majority of the graves were filled by hospital/old folks homes,unclaimed deceased and other state care sources, and there is a strong possibility that the bodies where not exhumed

Reminds of this incident in the US where people started finding graves in their back gardens!

# 7 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 22:00
A little girl died in one of the houses that I lived in, well technically she fell out the bedroom window into the yard so not quite in the house. Didn't bother me. Dead people don't bother me though, it's the living that will torment you.
# 8 : Sunday 20-10-2013 @ 23:13
I lived in a two storey cottage that was first built in the 16th century outside Cork city so I imagine a lot of people were born and died in it. People felt a distinct feminine presence throughout the house. I didn't but never felt alone like you usually would when having the house to yourself.
# 9 : Monday 21-10-2013 @ 12:55
I grew up in a very old house, where a few people had passed over the years – never bothered me or anyone else in the family. I think that when it comes to houses or homes where others have lived and passed, we have an extra sense of awareness and understanding, not only of our own mortality and fragile existence but of the lack of real ownership over a space.

How someone died in a place would matter to me, not only over the spiritual aspects that would be represented within my belief system but the plain sociological ones, like would it be a building well known to the police etc – ergo it may not be in the best place of town, may have a similar element within the neighbourhood and all that.

I doubt many of us would feel overly comfortable moving into an area where there was a series of murders over the last few years. In saying that two days after I moved to Dublin a man got shot at the side of house where I currently live (I thought the gun shot was a firework) however I found that peoples lack of care was more of an issue for me then the near inevitable destination of a local drug runner.

I'd say an Irish version of the website wouldnt be too difficult to create -and would certainly effect house prices
# 10 : Monday 21-10-2013 @ 21:44
My father died in my house. so...
# 11 : Monday 21-10-2013 @ 21:51
Even if someone didn't die at home the Irish are known to bring them to the house to be waked.
# 12 : Monday 21-10-2013 @ 22:00
Someone said :
Even if someone didn't die at home the Irish are known to bring them to the house to be waked.

That happend a lot where I grew up, less so now but still happens regularly enough - though always to the family home. I'd reckon most would be quite comfortable with a home if a loved one passed away there, the issue seems to be around other peoples loved ones
# 13 : Monday 21-10-2013 @ 22:07
Yes my Mother passed away in our home, (very peacefully) and i held her wake at home, i think it made me feel very comfortable in my home now, hope you understand what i mean?
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