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Do You Have Many Books?
# 1 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 14:46
I had to give a few books into the charity shop as I have no more room on my medium sized bookshelf. Bit of a pity as I like having lots of books around me but just don't have the room to get a bigger bookshelf. Do you collect books?, have a lot or just get rid of them as you finish them? Or are you finished with books altogether using the likes of kindle or your laptop for information?

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# 2 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:06
I have a few Osprey Publishing books because I am into Renaissance and 18th century military history so i can put the soldiers into my mods.
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# 3 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:14
I have so many books but I don't think I could ever part with them - (or at least the majority of them!) I have a Kindle but there's I still much prefer 'real books'. If e-books did take over - (which I don't think they will) - I'd really miss browsing bookshops. I can never pass a bookshop without going in.

Whenever I do settle down in my own house I will want a library of some sort. Either something like Neil Gaiman's which has a double layer of books -

Or something like these stairs-

Though most likely I will need both.
# 4 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:18
My book collection is nowhere near as extensive as Mycroft's, but I have amassed quite a lot of then over the years on various subjects. There's a bookcase back in my parents' house full of them, and the rest are left in my house in Dublin or packed away into boxes. Over here I have a miserable collection of about ten books. There's something comforting about being surrounded by books.
# 5 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:45
I have a few books, i tend to buy read and then give them away to friends or to charity shops. I only retain my favorites or some reference books.
# 6 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:56
No I don't collect books, my Mother raised me to be a believer in the benefit of libraries. They can collect the books.
# 7 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 16:46
Comic books ?! Yeah, thousands.
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# 8 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 17:09
yep I've quite a few not quite my own library but getting there. I also discovered the joy of ebooks and having a kindle so I have a rapidly expanding library there as well lol
# 9 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 19:10
I have a lot of rare books, once off runs of local studies but not many fiction books.
# 10 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 19:14
I like getting signed copies of books, especially if it's a writer I like. I don't mind breaking the spines of books - in fact I believe that they should be broken - but I hate those large trade paperbacks that fall apart on the shelf. Hardbacks are definitely the way to go if I get a new release.
I've also recently started collecting picture books. There are some really beautifully illustrated books out there and as a design nerd I can't get enough of them.
# 11 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 19:58
About 300+ books I have.
# 12 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 20:32
i luv books. ive hundreds. never thrown 1 out, and never will.
# 13 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 20:33
I have books on my iPad but to be honest it's just not the same. You can't share those with friends and borrow from friends and pick up old books you have enjoyed and return to them in the same way.

There is something about picking up a book on a Saturday when it's pouring rain in the middle of December and dipping into it somewhere
# 14 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 23:42
Got loads and more to do until 14 November, let me know if you need any help with Tax returns
# 15 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 01:11
I have eleven boxes of books in the loft... Includes a tiny book called 100 Ways to Please Your Man in Bed.....After reading I thought too much feckin hassle he can read it and please himself..
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