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Inappropriate Headstones
# 16 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 18:25
I'm being cremated, some of my ashes are going to be ground up and baked into a cake for all my loved ones, so I can live forever in their gut. Remember this if you are offered cake at my wake.
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# 17 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 18:46
I would like a grave, If you step on it? A skeleton pops up out of the ground and shouts Owwwwwwww, like a jack in the box!
# 18 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 09:06
I want to be buried in Dublin with a headstone in Cork which reads

Alan Lambert
1978 - 2142

He's in a better place
# 19 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 09:21
I wonder why its only "traveller" ostentation which offends.

Many things can be judged to be bad taste and if someone wants a headstone which others think is bad taste, than where is the harm?
# 20 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 09:41
ask someone who has a loved one buried next to a traveller ostentation,with marble pillars,mobile phone,vans,fag packets,beer bottle and mobile phones all made from marble in it,its more about showing off than respect for the deceased.
# 21 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 10:02
What I would ask them is why they chose a graveyard where the authorities have no rules about the size and shape of headstones. Most graveyards have rules about the size and shape, so if they chose a graveyard which has no restrictions, then thats what they chose.
# 22 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 11:05
This is rural Ireland,you usually have only one local graveyard,it was never needed to apply such restrictions,this ostenticity is a relatively new phenomenom.
# 23 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 11:08
Then that's just got to go under the category of "too bad". Sure it's irritating although Ireland has thousands of graveyards and this should serve as a lesson to others.
# 24 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 17:20
I intend to have a 6ft tall replica of my favourite shoes positioned at the bottom of my grave....
# 25 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 17:28
I won't give a flying shite what they put up as I shall be dead...
# 26 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 17:48
Imagine if your name was Santa Claus....All those hysterical children in the graveyard
# 27 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 18:30
# 28 : Saturday 26-10-2013 @ 00:51
Someone said :

# 29 : Saturday 26-10-2013 @ 06:45
I don't get the problem with traveler's tombs. Why single them out?
They like things in life to be big and colorful like their wedding etc so they like to show off how well they made it in life. Not all travelers have a chance to earn a good leaving and get a good education because of this kind of discrimination so when they do why not show that they made it till the end?
# 30 : Saturday 26-10-2013 @ 16:54
Because it looks shite.
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