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My 10th Gaire Birthday
# 1 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 21:17
So tomorrow is my 10th Gaire Birthday, it just so happens that it is also my actual birthday which means that ten years ago I had a rather shit birthday, tomorrow I don't intend to be anywhere near here so wanted to get this over with today.

Anywho, I suppose I should mark this occasion of internet idleness with a post on what has happened over the last ten years, from my first Gaire meet in Gubu (it was suppose to be in Fire but there was a last minute change of plan which startled this girl from the countryside traveling to the big smoke to meet weirdos of the internet) to relationships on and off the board, friendships gained, friendships lost.

Why stick around for a decade, I guess that is down to Thomas and the home he has built for us here, like any family we bicker often but almost always come home for dinner.

I miss the scrolling bar telling you of new posts, I miss the housebots, I even miss "she who must not be named". I miss some of the old crew who have moved on TheRob, Sashamatta, AndreaK just to name a few.

You have seen me laugh and sometimes (mostly in this last year) cry, this is a place that even when I pour open my soul the sarcastic remarks make me feel better.

You have listened as Boy the Elder and Boy the Younger became Teenager the Elder and Teenager the Younger. (you have known them from 6 & 4 to 16 & 14), some of the people here are counted as their uncles.

Some of you even came to my wedding (one of you who no longer posts was even a best man), even though you know what a whore I once was (I could say I slept my way to the top of Gaire, but it's only gay men there).

Although sometimes I can be a cunt, in those ten years I have never been banned, so I can't be that bad.

So thank you for entertaining me for the past ten years, and I hope to see many of you in another ten.
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# 2 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 21:33
Happy Gaire Birthday and Happy Real Life Birthday!!

That was a loverly message and I for one am glad you have stuck around Gaire and I'm very happy to call myself your friend (and hopefully you are same )

# 3 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 21:53
Aww, that was really sweet. Here's to Gaire.
# 4 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:03
Someone said :
I even miss "she who must not be named".

# 5 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:05
Someone said :
Aww, that was really sweet. Here's to Gaire.

To Gaire

https://www.google.ie/search?q=to+gaire&espv=210&es_sm=93&source= etc ...
# 6 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:07
A lovely post to read and Happy Birthday
# 7 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:19
Happy Gaire Birthday Ery

# 8 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:26
Someone said :

That's absolutely brilliant
# 9 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 22:33
# 10 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 23:37
Having an anniversary waltz with you in my mind,princess poppet.mwah
# 11 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 01:38
Happy birthday Erytheis
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# 12 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 01:44
Thanks for sticking with the rest of us and putting up with us here
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# 13 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 07:24
Happy Gaire Birthday!

Have you always had the same username?
# 14 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 07:28
Best lesbian ever!
# 15 : Friday 25-10-2013 @ 07:40
Ery is Sandy Toksvig?
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