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To Bear Or Not To Bear ... Is It A Question ?!
# 1 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 04:22
Having watchin' the AMAZING Ben Cohen on ' Strictly ... ', followed by Ashley Taylor Dawson, it make's me wonder, is there some kinda contest between bears and twinks ?

Team Bear Vs. Team Twink ?!

I go BEAR all the way ...

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# 2 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 09:09
I don't think Ashley Taylor Dawson is a twink.
# 3 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 09:52
Someone said :
I don't think Ashley Taylor Dawson is a twink.

Whoever that Ashley person is, he definitely isn't a twink.
# 4 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 17:48
Ben Cohen is the ultimate bear in my book.

You are looking pretty hot too Dubfit!
# 5 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 17:58
Hairy men can be more cuddly.
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# 6 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 10:29
Ben Cohen is ridiculously hot,

That is all.
# 7 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 10:46
I think it's hilarious that the whole 'bear' movement started out as a reaction against perceived body fascism on the gay scene. Now however it's those on the 'bear scene' who are often the most dismissive of others... guys you are just the clones of the new millennium get over it
# 8 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 10:51

Have we reached peak beard?

For the past few years stylish men have let their bristles grow. But the era of fashionable facial hair may be coming to an end

But could there be early signs that the fashion beard is on its way out? Last Sunday at Lovebox, the day of the east London music festival that traditionally draws its biggest gay crowd – the group any trendwatcher will look to if they want to know what the mainstream will be doing in a few years' time – a colleague, Alex, observed: "There were a lot fewer beards than there would usually be. I think a more clean-cut look is gaining in popularity among younger gay men." He also points to the current issue of Fantastic Man, the influential men's style magazine, as "another sign that beards are on the wane – there's a shoot with lots of bearded men shaving them off".

http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2013/jul/24/have-we-reached-pe etc ...
# 9 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 12:24
Nothing wrong with a beard on a man even if you are the only man in the room without one. It's the men making moustaches happen that get my respect.
# 10 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 13:07
Someone said :
It's the men making moustaches happen that get my respect.

What about the mustachioed ladies you sexist???
# 11 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 13:17
# 12 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 13:18
Someone said :

What about the mustachioed ladies you sexist???

*glances at non existent watch* Is that the time?
# 13 : Tuesday 29-10-2013 @ 14:51
# 14 : Wednesday 30-10-2013 @ 01:38
I find there is a divide between bears and twinks, speaking from personal experience I can tell you that these days if you're not beefed up and muscled, nobody looks twice at you. I personally feel that within he last few years, gay men have gradually been more exposed to media and advertisement where it's beefy, beary, masculine looking men promoting club nights as opposed to other models with different body shapes, they're also way more common to find in porn (although to be fair, there's a porno out there for everyone, you could easily find a porno featuring twinks if you looked for one).

I've found with a lot of "bear" types I've met these days there's an element of superiority about them due to the fact they look attractive and masculine. Being young, with a slim build, I have often noticed that some bears don't want to be seen near me in clubs because (and this is only the impression I get) they feel like I'm not worth their time if I don't look like them or behave "straight acting" (which I personally think is desperate trying to impersonate another orientation). I know a lot of naturally skinny guys who really struggle trying to gain weight and they've been putting themselves through insane diets and gym sessions trying to beef up so they can fit in.

There is an unspoken rivalry between the two. Some bears are cool but I know a lot of them who think acting camp or looking anything other than masculine is disgusting and I know just as many twinks who are increasingly becoming more body conscious surrounded by all these buffed up men.
# 15 : Wednesday 30-10-2013 @ 01:54
What a strange post. It couldn't be any more full of assumptions, stereotypes and negativity.
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