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Do You Ever Feel That You Mightn't Be The Full Shilling ?
# 16 : Saturday 9-11-2013 @ 17:38
Someone said :

Streetfigter doesn't like photos of himself being posed on Gaire.

Oh i can just it now.... you sitting down at your laptop, Gollum whispering in your ear telling you what to write and type.... Sir, I call troll and tag-team on you!!!
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# 17 : Saturday 9-11-2013 @ 17:42
This is how us bullies work - teams.
# 18 : Saturday 9-11-2013 @ 18:23
Imelda opens door to a guy calling to give her a qoote for new door.......Hello I love a man who comes when he tells me he will... I meant comes at the time he tells me at the time....Bloody nuts!
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