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Bad Eating Habits In Bus
# 31 : Friday 24-1-2014 @ 16:36
Someone said :
How do you heat it on the bus Ziggy?

Portable gas hob.
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# 32 : Saturday 8-2-2014 @ 16:39
Someone said :
Portable gas hob.

Nice one!

Video Link :
# 33 : Wednesday 24-2-2016 @ 11:09
Yesterday these guys in ucd bus were smoking weed at back of bus, and they had one of the torches for caramel brulée: they were cooking skewers at the back of the bus. Unbelievable and driver was shitting himself.
# 34 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 20:04
The egg sandwiches are the worst smell on the bus with the stale sweat and aftershave smells.
# 35 : Monday 20-2-2017 @ 18:23
Not so much eating but girls who constantly mess with their hair like flicking it out. You'd be very liable to get a mouthful
# 36 : Tuesday 7-3-2017 @ 12:47
Would agree with the above about Egg sandwiches. Also, the smell of someone eating Tayto is disgusting.

Off topic: There is a special place reserved in hell for that stupid bitch behind me recently who decided to spray her cheap perfume. I think that's worse than smelly foods, because in fairness you can get hungry. But you could wait until you got off the bus to spray that asparagus piss disguised as perfume.
# 37 : Tuesday 7-3-2017 @ 13:18

Yeah or walking down the road spraying themselves.
# 38 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 14:19
I was on a bus the other day and a really rough young 'wan smoked a cigarette while spraying deoderant at the cigarette to cover the smell I guess. I presume she was on drugs as no one is that retarded.
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