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Miracast, Chromecast, Screen Mirroring.
# 1 : Sunday 2-2-2014 @ 20:28
I've just came across these wireless technologies for connecting smartphones etc. to a bigger screen or TV.
Anyone here using any of them and your feedback ?
I'd like to be able to mirror my as yet unpurchased smartphone onto a bigger screen. But i'd like to be able to mirror the exact screen from my device, not just play youtube's etc.
Any help much appreciated
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# 2 : Monday 3-2-2014 @ 21:32
I've found out a bit more. Chromecast downloads content from the internet while Miracast creates a peer to peer network between the 2 devices without needing an internet connection.

There are Chromecast adaptors and Miracast adaptors to allow connection to older screens and TV's with HDMI ports.

I'm still window shopping !
# 3 : Tuesday 4-2-2014 @ 10:41
I don't think Chromecast is available here yet. Or, rather, the apps it comes with (like Hulu) won't work.

Miracast is for wireless screen mirroring and many new Windows 8 machiens have it pre-installed.
# 4 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 12:55
you can buy them online
To work miracast you need android 4.2+ and have wifi display available

I have an android mini pc which turns your TV into and android device but I am quite interested in getting a miracast device

All this stuff is new but I see it as the future

# 5 : Wednesday 12-2-2014 @ 23:11
So anyway bought my smartphone but still have to buy a WiFi adapter to work Miracast with a non WiFi big screen.
Netgear do a one for about €100 but I'm going to go the cheapskate route and get a Chinese made one for about €25.
# 6 : Wednesday 19-3-2014 @ 14:30
Google Chromecast arrives in UK

(Is it available in Ireland too?)

THE WAIT IS OVER, as Google's Chromecast has finally made it out of America and has arrived in the UK priced at £30.

But what can it do? During its time as a product exclusive to the US, Google kept a close rein on the apps that were available for it, with carefully selected partners - Youtube, Netflix and Vevo - supporting the device. But after Google released the Chromecast Software Development Kit (SDK) and API at the beginning of the month, Chromecast apps have started to flood the market, making the little HDMI dongle a lot more useful.

The INQUIRER has gathered together 10 Chromecast apps for you to download on the bus home from the shop, so you'll be good to go when you get home and ready to make Chromecast do things you couldn't have imagined. Here's the countdown. etc ...
# 7 : Wednesday 19-3-2014 @ 17:33
Still haven't bought my dongle, but still looking at the Chinese miracast dongle.
Chromecast works through the Internet while miracast works independent of the Internet.
# 8 : Wednesday 19-3-2014 @ 19:32
Could you not use this?

If you have a smart TV Samsung, you could use your Samsung phone with Allshare (now Samsung Link)
# 9 : Saturday 28-6-2014 @ 13:58
Got chromecast today for 30 quid - only takes a few minutes to set up, will start playing with it properly tomorrow
# 10 : Saturday 24-1-2015 @ 22:48
Tried out the screen mirroring with a Sony tv in an electrical shop today. It's mighty good.
# 11 : Sunday 13-8-2017 @ 10:31
Happy Bunny with first Miracast TV !
It's deadly.
# 12 : Sunday 13-8-2017 @ 12:03
I have a Samsung phone and telly so screen mirroring directly is great allright.

Enjoy the novelty while it lasts.
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