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Make Drinking Whilst Pregnant Illegal
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# 76 : Wednesday 23-9-2015 @ 20:54
I know that its not directly to do with the thread theme but it led onto it being revived - I was just so surprised she was served.

Under the Intoxicating Liquor Act, 2003, it is an offence for a licensee to:

*Supply or permit any person to supply intoxicating liquor to a drunken person or to any person for consumption by a drunken person;
*Permit a drunken person to consume intoxicating liquor;
*Permit drunkenness to take place in the bar; or
*Admit any drunken person to the bar.

Has anyone experienced the above being held as a general rule?
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# 77 : Wednesday 23-9-2015 @ 22:36
Yea, I've been denied drink several times over the years!
# 78 : Wednesday 23-9-2015 @ 22:50
Never once in my life and I really ought to have been.
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