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Valentines 2014
# 16 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 16:45
I'm gonna be working til 8 - I gave my friend the earlier shift cause she has plans with her boyfriend and I won't be doing anything anyway.
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# 17 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 17:01
Someone said :
I've waited tables on Valentines night and it generally tends to be people in their early 20's who seem to not have been dating very long.

It depends I find it odd this year that we seem to have a few extra lunchers than normal booking in, it kind of feels like the cheap seats up the back ... Lunch is a real cheap date
# 18 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 17:52
We don't do valintines day, we love throughout the year and shit. Actually Herself gave me a present on Friday, a t-shirt that says "I <3 Herself"
# 19 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 18:00
Someone said :

Lunch is a real cheap date

I think it's nice been taken out for lunch. Nothing cheap about it at all.
# 20 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 18:22
We don't usually do anything for valentines day, at most we would make a card for each other.
We don't feel the need to.
We would go for a nice meal once or twice a week as it is and there is plenty of romance in our relationship not to need to be reminded to be nice to each other.
# 21 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 19:38
I prefer lunch myself, love having day time drinks - it seems naughty.
# 22 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 19:46
# 23 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 20:15
That will be me Flame On.

I have never been big into valentines day. That might be because I have never even had a valentines card in my whole life. Even when I was going out with someone they didn't get me one.
# 24 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 21:08
I've never had a valentine either (though I think I would get into the day if I did...nothing major but a nice homecooked meal and some flowers/chocolates).

Anyway...my plans will simply be work, gym, watch anime, play pokemon, go to bed.
# 25 : Monday 10-2-2014 @ 21:22
I've never been into Valentine's day regardless of whether I've been in a relationship or not. It's just another hallmark day to me.

I'm turning into a bitter single
# 26 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 16:21
# 27 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 17:34
How do put up a picture?
# 28 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 18:31
Someone said :
How do put up a picture?

You need to load it first. You do that by going into optionsand selecting 'MsManage pictures'
# 29 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 18:51

Thank you for the instructions ... Just thought a little romance was required
# 30 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 18:59
I got flowers and a voucher to get my hair done. I was very happy.
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