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Valentines 2014
# 46 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 23:32
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# 47 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 23:34
# 48 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 00:24
I do not mistreat my staff many of them are with us for the 6 years we are in business and are very well looked after not to mention well paid, there is nothing wrong with high standards.

But back onto topic, did we all have a nice Valentines night?
# 49 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 00:45
crowst,i'm taking a wild guess that your restaurant is in Temple Bar?
Yes thanks for asking,had a romantic meal of fish and chips and a side order of peas,all washed down with a chilled cider in company with the one I love before a furious bout of lovemaking. Afterwards I cleaned the mirror and put it back on the wall.
# 50 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 00:53
Temple Bar is correct ... You know it's not sex if it's on your own right?
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