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Ebay, Have You Bought Or Sold Items?
# 1 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 15:24
Surprising there is no topic about ebay. I have a few small antique items that I would like to sell and because they are so niche, I'm thinking ebay might be my best bet. Have you sold or bought items on this site? How did you find it? Heard of any problems or is it easy enough?
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# 2 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 15:44
I've never sold anything - I prefer adverts.ie for that but I've bought lots of small things over the years.

Usually obscure items not covered by the big online retailers. Most recently I've bought hearing aid wax guards from Cyprus and shaving blades from The Far East.
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# 3 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 15:50
Can you cancel a sale if the bid is too low?
# 4 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 15:51
Yes, I believe you can set a reserve price. You can also just sell items at a fixed price and avoid auctions altogether.
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# 5 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:04
Only ever bought from eBay. The money back guarantee solved the only two issues I've ever had - 1 item never turned up and another was damaged in transit
# 6 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:17
I'm setting an account up now. How can I bypass postal code? I've entered nothing, numbers and the name of the town but it still comes up as to be filled.
# 7 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:19
You might have to contact customer services
# 8 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:20
have you tried typing a single zero
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# 9 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:24
bingo. Thunderbirds are go!
# 10 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:34
I've done both. You can edit and item once it is up but i'm pretty sure cancelling it because you dont like your bid is not allowed. You have to set your minimum and that's it. When someone sorts on price it will go ascending/descending so everyone could just exploit that mechanic to get a higher ranking.
It's easy to use and if you get stuck there is a huge help section.
# 11 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 16:58
Up and running!!!

# 12 : Tuesday 11-2-2014 @ 17:34
I've bought a good few things on E-bay and it's always generally gone well. Generally you can tell by their 'reputation' if they will be good to purchase from. The same would go for someone trying to buy from you.
# 13 : Wednesday 12-2-2014 @ 05:56
Someone said :
I'm setting an account up now. How can I bypass postal code? I've entered nothing, numbers and the name of the town but it still comes up as to be filled.

Go to Ebay.ie
# 14 : Wednesday 12-2-2014 @ 06:04
I bought tanning pills on it a long time ago and they didn't work.
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# 15 : Sunday 16-2-2014 @ 16:40
Would anyone know how I can edit shipping price? I put a way too low amount and can't seem to find where I can edit the amount.
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