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Ebay, Have You Bought Or Sold Items?
# 61 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 15:45
If you input the tracking number on their site does it show up as delivered? A screen grab of that information might be enough.
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# 62 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 15:58
I did that and it says that the item is still in transit. It's been two months.
# 63 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 16:08
You should contact An Post and claim back the value of the book and the postage as it has likely gone missing.

Presumably Paypal (once the claim is resolved) will bill you anything up to 15 euros for the chargeback - you should make a claim with An Post for that too.
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# 64 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 16:16
According to the An Post site, if registered mail is lost then the onus is on the post office of the receiving country for lost mail. In this case Mexico.
# 65 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 16:34
That's crazy - you would assume that they would refund you if any issues should arise.
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# 66 : Monday 16-7-2018 @ 20:45
I feel bad for the guy not getting his book. He sent me his dialogues with the Mexican post office for the past few weeks and he's been very apologetic about it. If I've to suck it up and reimburse him, I will.
# 67 : Tuesday 17-7-2018 @ 14:49
He's dropped his paypal claim after I sent him screen shots of postage and delivery status. I've learned my 'ALWAYS Keep receipts' lesson finally.
# 68 : Tuesday 17-7-2018 @ 16:23
Hopefully he can get some compensation at his end.
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