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What To Do In Dublin?
# 1 : Thursday 13-2-2014 @ 15:05
Hi all,
Im venturing to Dublin on the 21st Feb for two nights, staying in the City Centre.
Not that familar with the bar scene there but im looking for a pub with live music on Friday and Saturday night, be great if the live music was covers of all the well known favourites, anyone any ideas?

Also, any of you suggest a bar to watch the Rugby in n Saturday evening, big screen, good atmospheres, a place to sit and watch in comfort?

And afer all that, if you know of anything kinky happening in the City Centre id love to know, might venture along!

Thanks in advance, no off topic replies.

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# 2 : Thursday 13-2-2014 @ 17:04
Hi all you want is in Temple Bar, also The Boilerhouse
gay/bi sauna in Crane Lane, top of TB, just keep ur wits
about u and don't walk down dark areas alone, but its all not bad
have a great time, enjoy, cheers.
# 3 : Thursday 13-2-2014 @ 18:12
The Dame Tavern on Dame lan is a great little pub if you are looking for a pint and some banter with the locals.
# 4 : Thursday 13-2-2014 @ 22:13
Like Dan Clancy said Temple bar will have all that, if you want a rugby pub you should go to Searsons on Baggot street to watch match, if you like live Irish music go to one of the pubs in Stoneybatter.
# 5 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 12:48
Thanks for the somments folks, Searsons is a great idea for sure, will need to get in early to get a comfy space id imagine!

Any more thoughts on the live music, wouldnt be interested in the Irish Music, more into chart material, covers of hits of the 90s 00s 10s etc

# 6 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 13:07
Someone said :
Any more thoughts on the live music, wouldnt be interested in the Irish Music, more into chart material, covers of hits of the 90s 00s 10s etc

Sounds like something you'd find out in the suburbs more. Panti bar is alright on a Saturday night; there's a good mix of guys and it's the friendliest and cruisiest bar really. They have a show.... though it's usually very drag orientated. There are usually plenty of guys about the place and you can always hide up at the far end of the bar when you want to dip in and out of/ avoid the show

There's Nealons across the road... I'm guessing you could watch a match there.

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