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Euphoria : New Dublin Gay Club
# 1 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 19:21
Euphoria is a new gay Night Club opening on March 7th. To keep up to date on the opening night see the Facebook link below.
This will be Dublin's hottest new night & opens it's doors on the 7th March 2014. All are welcome.

We have so many surprises and special treats for you all on the night by our fabulous sponsor Andrew Christian !!! YES I KNOW AMAZING RIGHT??????

We will have international Superstar Dj Tony Bruno and the very amazing Fashion Dj Arthuro Cavalli who both will spoil you with amazing beats till your hearts complete and not to mention our very talented super sexy GoGo Dancers.

This New Club is an event you will not want to miss. We promise you all one amazing night!!!!

Big thanks to Andrew Christan, Boteco Brazil, Ladies Man and Outreach for their support as our official Sponsors.
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# 2 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 21:25
lol this is hilariously naive. Any idea where it will open?
# 3 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 21:27
It's in the Abbey Hotel as mentioned on the poster. What's so "hilariously naive" about this new club night?

# 4 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 21:54
cos they're not offering anything new bar a different location and the market isn't big enough for two identical offerings to survive.
# 5 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 21:57
That is said EVERY time a new club night is starting off. What is it you are looking for this to offer? What is it that the Dublin gay scene is missing?
# 6 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 22:01
What is it that the Dublin gay scene is missing? Me
# 7 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 22:08
Someone said :
What is it that the Dublin gay scene is missing? Me

You can be one of the go-go dancers
# 8 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 22:11
Just because everyone always says it doesn't make it any less realistic. I obviously can't say exactly what would work and what wouldn't but in my opinion if there was a place like nielons but which opened late that would be great. A gay wine and tapas bar would be nice... although I don't know how it would be particularly gay....
# 9 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 22:14
There was a gay wine bar ( of sorts ) called Centre Stage on Parliment street that was opened for a while that was much loved on the scene. It's long gone now.
# 10 : Friday 14-2-2014 @ 22:14
Someone said :
You can be one of the go-go dancers

I've still got a few good moves left in me
# 11 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 01:15
Flame On isn't so much a Go Go Dancer, more of a Pole Dancer.

Well, not a Pole exactly, more like a Zimmer Frame Dancer.

# 12 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 01:24
# 13 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 01:58
I think the scene is very diverse over the years we have lost a few good venues and nights so well done to anyone at least trying to get something up and going. I think we should all be trying to support enterprise ... Just my 2 cent worth
# 14 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 02:11
Well the best of luck
# 15 : Saturday 15-2-2014 @ 03:46
Someone said :
What is it that the Dublin gay scene is missing?

Proper late opening for clubs like 6am (the madness) and at least a couple of smaller gay bars maybe catering for more 'niche' crowds/ tastes... maybe a gay club with a decent sized dancefloor too but now I'm losing the run of myself

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