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Slowly Falling Apart - Getting Older
# 121 : Saturday 14-11-2015 @ 00:08
Bro, I lift where it counts.
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# 122 : Saturday 14-11-2015 @ 00:42
Someone said :
Bro, I lift where it counts.

But you too, could look like a dessicated human sultana.
# 123 : Saturday 14-11-2015 @ 11:35
Someone said :
Bro, I lift where it counts.

What does that even mean?
Where do you lift and how can it count if you've described yourself as a twig?
# 124 : Saturday 14-11-2015 @ 12:22
Another element of aging is increased forgetfulness. I was at tesco today and I was at the scanner and had to go home because I forgot my wallet. This is the second time in recent months this has happened. More worryingly are the Times I forget to bring my debit card with me when I leave the shop, resulting in shopworkers having to run after me to give it to me.
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