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Sweatbox @ The Hub
# 121 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 13:31
Someone said :
I noticed that Alt or War have gone and pinched Partie Monster from another promoter, she's been doing it since 2007. I know it wasn't her idea either but they changed it from Partie Monster to Party Monster, I mean that's just cheeky.

They do a theme each week, this is just another theme and not actually stealing the club night?
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# 122 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 18:00
No, they pretty much copied another club night.
# 123 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 20:44
I used to love R.I.P, was (and still am) devastated when it stopped. I wish all the best for this new night, hopefully if clubs continue to do well we might get nights that solely focus on Indie, Rock or even RnB music.
# 124 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 22:44

How was the launch night?

Looking forward to checking it out some time
# 125 : Thursday 12-6-2014 @ 15:18
Check out our write up in Le Cool.



"club night

Last Friday saw the launch of SweatBox, a welcome new addition to Dublin’s gay nights cape.The folks behind WERK, Bukkake and Mother have teamed up to deliver a dark, sleazy and sweaty kick off to your weekend. Descending into the re-vamped Hub basement, where DJ Feidlim Cannon’s banging house selections and transparent PVC slash curtains make you feel like you’re raving in a cross between a crime scene from Dexter and an abandoned Crazy Prices freezer section. Homos Underground: While there will be promos at the bar, there’ll be no bars on your phone, meaning the lad you’re eyeing up may actually look back at you and not at his Grindr. There’ll be no roving club photographer to papp or tag your activities (or proclivities), whether on the dancefloor or on your way to the darkroom (yup!). "
# 126 : Sunday 15-6-2014 @ 15:31
What's this place like?
# 127 : Friday 20-6-2014 @ 16:53
Someone said :
What's this place like?

It's Deadly !!
# 128 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 09:52
Someone said :

It's Deadly !!

Ok I'll check it out some Friday
# 129 : Sunday 22-6-2014 @ 13:33
Having been to one or two "tea" dancing afternoon's in the past. Also affectionately know as "Granny dances". I like the old fashioned music. And it does fill the dance floors too.
# 130 : Wednesday 15-10-2014 @ 23:12
We have cheap list to give away for this Friday !!

# 131 : Thursday 22-2-2018 @ 14:56
Is it true there's actually a dark room in this club ?? :P
# 132 : Saturday 24-2-2018 @ 20:05
Someone said :
Is it true there's actually a dark room in this club ?? :P

Is it still operating?
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