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Making Friends With Others Of Same Gender, Women V. Men
# 1 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 14:12
In recent times, I've witnessed women becoming friendly ( in a non-sexual way ) with other women whom they've only just met. Y'know, let's meet for coffee or a drink, and they do.Happened twice in the last few weeks. Yet, I've never seen it happen with men and,personally, I wouldn't have the balls to try it with someone I hardly know.Is it a female trait only or what ?
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# 2 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 16:41
I do this all the time... with other males or with females...It often ends in disaster when everything develops really quickly and you fall out very quickly... On the other hand it is good cos it cuts out all the silly manouvres you might otherwise do before you hang out together...
# 3 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 18:08
# 4 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 18:56
I love going out for a little woman's Caesar salad and 3 bottles of wine and pretend we're on Sex and the City.
# 5 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 19:33
Elat, Thankfully that day is gone, The referencing sex and City has passed I hope
( perhaps the girls i know are just older now and have different topics)
# 6 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 19:39
That's totally a Samantha thing to say.
# 7 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 19:54
Someone said :
I love going out for a little woman's Caesar salad and 3 bottles of wine and pretend we're on Sex and the City.

Fuck the salad and who gives a damn about sex and the city ... But three bottles of wine sounds good about now
# 8 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 19:58
You're such a Carrie.
# 9 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 21:19
I like Caesar salad.
# 10 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 21:46
It strikes me as a short lived kinda friendship. I used to work with a woman like that. She'd pounce on anyome new and they'd be best friends for about a fortnight. Then someone newer would arrive.

It just looked fake.
# 11 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 12:16
I've three really close mates all blokes that I've met over the last few years.

Two of them through here and one through work. I've got loads of other mates who I've met on nights out or at parties and I'd go for a drink with them.

It's not uncommon.
# 12 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 12:41
Good for you !
# 13 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 12:51
You have to try to make friends, it doesn't just happen past 21.
# 14 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 12:58
I think men are a harder nut to crack, Unless you've something to invite them too it's hard to find common ground, Where as I find women more open and up for a bit of a laugh or giggle. In the last 18months I've become friendly with some people I used to work with, it was purely by chance the friendships have grown. And we have lovely time of it on outings, dinners, parties and trips. What I'm getting at is we must never close the door to new friendships and fuck it if some lad thinks you're a freak for asking. he's not a great friend to be had, your intrinsic values aren't aligned.
# 15 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 13:26
I just don't have any interest in making more friends, if it happens then cool but i think that's the sort of thing you need to do when you are younger.
I am still close friends with all the gang i grew up with.
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