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Changing Careers
# 1 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 00:18
This is targeted at the more mature members, I am completely bored with my job, I used to love going to work every day but now I dread it. I know in the current climate I should be thankful to have a job.
My question is has anyone successfully changed their career direction at 40,and was the transition easy? (Feel free to tell me its just my mid-life crisis kicking in as I am hitting the big 40 in a few months time!!)
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# 2 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 00:44
Lots of people have done it. Have you considered taking a long vacation or career break if that's financially feasible?
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# 3 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 01:23
There's nothing worse than going to a job every day that you loathe.
I've had more than one career path and enjoyed them all.
Find something that interest you, something that maybe has been a hobby or something you did when you were younger and enjoyed.

Let me give you an example of something I did.
Many many years ago I was in the FCA, in the 3rd Field Signals Corp. I had had an interest in electronics and ham radio since I was a kid and this was an opportunity to learn more.
I learned proper radio procedures, morse code, map reading besides all the military stuff like weapons, marching etc..
Also from a young age I have had an interest in photography and had a small dark room set up and developed and printed my own b&w film.
And like any kid, I was fascinated with planes and flying.

Move forward many years. I have been working in hotel/restaurant/bar management. I'm sick of the politics at th company I was working and quit my job.
As I was combing the want ads for a job I saw one that read, Aerial Photographer trainee wanted.
On a whim I applied. As did about 300 others.
I was called for the first interview. Made it through to a call back. At the second interview I was taken into their flight planning office and given a bunch of aerial photos and a bunch of maps. Find the spots in the photos on the maps.
You have one hour.
Lo and behold, out of nowhere, the training I did in the FCA all those years ago came flooding back. I matched all the photos to the correct maps in about five minutes.
The chief pilot was more than impressed.

Anyway, after the interview they said we will make our decision by next Tuesday (one week away).
The following day I sent them a fax thanking them for the interview and reassuring them of my interest.
The following Monday I sent them another fax, saying that I was anxiously looking forward to some good news the following day.
Tuesday afternoon I got a call. The owner said, "I have good noews and bad news".
The bad was that even though they had advertised for a trainee, a fully qualified aerial photographer applied for the job, so they hired him.
However, they offered me a job working in the photo lab and film editing dept. until another flight job came along as they were so impressed by my interest in the job and didn't want to lose me. So basically they hired me even though there wasn't a job for me.
As it turned out, the guy they hired didn't work out and was gone in a fortnight.
I got a great training at the company (they had a really good reputation I found out, although I didn't know it at the time I was hired).
After a number of years with them I went on to work freelance for myself and traveled all over and made a small fortune.

So the answer to your question is yes, you can.
And when you are passionate about what you do, it's not work.
Work is a four letter word.
# 4 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 01:34
^^ That's a pretty impressive read
# 5 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 03:28
i applyed for the first time in my life for a promotion, at 40 and to my surprise got it, my job was starting to bore me, but now i kinda feel more appriciated, life is good
# 6 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 13:54
Nothing worse than that feeling of being trapped. This happened to me and to explain Id have to go right back to the Leaving Cert to explain. Basically, didnt get the points for the course I wanted and ended up accepting a place in another just cos all my friends were heading to uni and I couldnt bare the idea of another year studying the same material. So off I went.
Knew I didnt like the course pretty much from Day 1 but wouldnt admit it. Kept telling myself it would get better. I was wasting my time cos no matter how much I tried to understand the modules and study, I just didnt have the interest and so I went from being an A student in school to barely scraping a pass in uni. Managed to get through the 4 years and then went working straight away. That was great for a while cos suddenly I had all this money and was able to mask the boredom and hate for the job with material things. (that soon lead to dept and maxed out credit cards and working each month to just pay off the overdraft). It was not fun.

Eventually, the bubble kinda burst when the contracts I was working on all collaosed and I found myself, 6 years into an IT career, pigeon holed in a ver specific sector that there simply were no jobs in anymore - or at least, jobs with few candidates. So I knew I had to either further my training in other areas or make a radical change. So I weighed up the options, looked at some other degrees I might have liked and I could do with the results I got; (failing that would have been a matter of going back to repeat the entire LC - not something favorable at the age of 30!). But I got the course, which the year I applied were bang on the points I got in my original lc, accepted the place and here I am 4 years later, about to qualify with job prospects lined up and a career more or less paved out that combines my entire skill set! and i couldnt be happier!

So never be afraid of taking that leap of faith. Education and skillsets are never wasted and Im a firm believer in the prospect of whats meant for you wont pass you by. Life is too short to be miserable. And while financially I have struggled over the last few years, I feel like I have more now than I ever had.

So if you're not happy, really think about what you would like to do and then go make it happen!
# 7 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 14:07
Thanks for the advice guys I will take it on board.

I went to collage in my early thirties (part-time) to get a leg in to the job I am doing at the moment, I just don't think I would have the same energy to hold down a job and devout the time & concentration required to do a part time course as well.

Plus I don't know what I really want to get into, I just know that I don't want to be doing the same job I'm at for the rest of my life.

Maybe I just need a holiday!
# 8 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 14:12
Ah yes. Doing an entirely different degree is the extreme, and not everyone can do that given life circumstances and commitments outside of careers. But it just shows that it is possible if its what you really want and loads of people do it. you are not alone feeling like this. Good luck with it and you've made the first steps by just asking. You know yourself what and where you want to be so the next step is to go get the relative info on that and see how you can go about making it happen. Have a chat with adult education officers as well.. even if you dont go that route they do have very good info and advice to give. you wont find things out unless you ask - even if it feels you are on a wild goose chase.
# 9 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 15:48
join the civil service and take every summer off on "term time". That's my plan
# 10 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 17:10
The problem with that plan is that the intention of the powers that be in the civil service management are to cut back the availability of term time. When they introduce the changes, you'll need to be breeding like a rabbit to be able to justify it a few years from now.
# 11 : Friday 13-6-2014 @ 20:16
Have sent my CV to 3 different recruitment agencies today, so I feel at least I havemade a start
# 12 : Friday 13-6-2014 @ 22:59
I read the Alchemist earlier this year. Very good book about following your dream, and not being afraid of changes.
Went on my own little journey recently and ended up coming back to my current job nearly almost straight away. But the journey was enjoyable anyhow.
# 13 : Saturday 14-6-2014 @ 07:15
I was a data analyst then I did a conversion course in cloud computing in DBS and now I'm living the dream as a data analyst. It can happen, people!
# 14 : Saturday 14-6-2014 @ 07:41
I think I'd like to change careers and I think with the skills that I have I could change careers within the same industry but I'm always rubbish at interviews so I never think I could move away from roles that require the exact level of experience I have, even though I am a quick learner.
# 15 : Saturday 14-6-2014 @ 23:31
Someone said :
but I'm always rubbish at interviews.

I am the exact same! the days leading up to the actual interview I am brimming with confidence and once the door of the interview room opens I turn to jelly. Don't know why this happens
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