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New Laptop
# 1 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:21
I tried to find a thread dedicated to this but there wasn't one in the first 2 pages. Anyway I need a new laptop. There are only a few basic functions I actually use which are as follows:
1. Web browsing
2. being able to install and use a torrent client
3. Being able to install and use VLC media player or similar
4. Word and occasionally excell and powerpoint. Also Adobe acrobat.
I think that's everything I use. My other stipulations would be that it be as light as possible without being OTT on price and that it be fast and resistant to freezing/over-heating.
Any advice/suggestions/warnings/ etc and how much should I be aiming to pay? I'd like to pay as little as possible really.
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# 2 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:23
Is access for your reading software an issue out dies that work pet much on anything?
# 3 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:28
No it works on windows and apple has its own.
# 4 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:29
Any screen size preference poloblack?
I'm a big fan of Asus hardware (both desktop and portable).
# 5 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:32
Nope the screen is totally irrelevant (for obvious reasons) and if i could save money on that it would be good. Never heard of ASUS?? (only ASOS lol)
# 6 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:33
Someone said :
Nope the screen is totally irrelevant (for obvious reasons)

So obvious I didn't spot them?

Torrents... VLC...excell and powerpoint.
I can't imagine a tiny screen would suffice if you want to watch movies/shows and get screen acreage for work?
# 7 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:44
Oh sorry, I thought you knew, I'm blind. So as long as the sound is good I'm sorted. The smaller and lighter it is the better but obviously only up to the point where typing is still comfortable and the battery life and speed aren't compromised.
# 8 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:51
That makes more sense to me now Polo
I was going to suggest the Asus transformer range that turns into a tablet. But that might be feck all use to you.
# 9 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 21:06
Do you mean that the screen can be popped out and used as a tablet? I wouldn't really be one for needing a laptop/tablet outside of thehouse and I imagine that would increase the price so I guess not. Any other suggestions... where is the best value place to get laptops anyway? Like a pc world/ that pc place in dundrum/elsewhere or would online be cheaper?
# 10 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 21:39
Always on-line for me.

Check the Asus X552EA.
You can get it for about €350 on-line and in my opinion, it will fit your needs.
2.3kg weight, Bang & Olufsen sound and very good battery life.
# 11 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 21:45
do you have to pick out the specs yourself as per Dell or do they have a standard model??? Presume they deliver to ireland and it's not too pricey?
# 12 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 21:49
Nah... It's just a standard buy it as it is.
Has an AMD A4-5000 CPU, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB Hard drive and 64 bit Windows 8.

I checked Dabs.ie and they have it for €388.
Will deliver.
# 13 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 22:11
I looked it up on asus. Can you get anything similar with a smaller screen and hence smaller in general? I'm kind of tired of lugging my laptop from one place to another...
# 14 : Saturday 23-8-2014 @ 16:01
Q: is hard drive size or RAM more important to the speed of a laptop? And what what would be considered a good high figure for both of these? I see some laptops have 4GB RAM and others have 8GB so is 8GB the minimum RAM I should look for?
# 15 : Saturday 23-8-2014 @ 16:08
The hard drive usually goes by size (you can also get faster hard drives too) if you want to get a very fast machine get a Solid State hard drive (quite pricey though) as for the ram,this well help speed up the applications on your machine, so if you can get one with 8gb go for it! RAM is a cheaper alternative to speeding up your machine if you find it is lagging a bit.
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