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Could You Survive Prison?
# 1 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 17:18
So I've watched a couple of prison dramas recently and I found myself thinking "God, I don't think I'd do so well in jail."

Being cut off from the world I could cope with and I tend to get on with most people so I'd probably be ok in that respect.

However my overall well-being would depend a lot on how the guards treated everyone. If they were mean and horrible like they are in so many dramas then that would break my spirit quicker than anything else.

Have you ever thought how you'd cope if you landed in the clink? Would you keep your head down or would you constantly be trying to get everyone up on the roof?
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# 2 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 17:46
Well Thomas, if you go into prison hoping to make good with the screws then you'd probably be in for a rough ride from the other in-mates lol

Just a thought...!
# 3 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 17:47
A friend of mine went to prison for two years for using her house to store cannabis. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She was always so miserable, paranoid, untrusting and generally very unhappy. Two years behind bars turned her into a much happier person, she smiles more and is happier and acknowledges her freedom.

Me, I think I'd probably enter some form of depression and then get on with it, probably try to learn a new skill.
# 4 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 17:50
If you were there for a relatively short sentence (a year or 2), I think in many ways it could be quite pleasant. You wouldn't have to worry about making ends meat, paying taxes, healthcare, etc. And you could spend your days catching up on reading or, like Elat says, learning a new skill. It would be like being back back at school.*

*If your school came with the threat of shivving.
# 5 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 18:03
Depends on how long my sentence was and how far from my family the prison was situated...

I like my own company at the moment, so a spell in solitary wouldn't bother me in the slightest...
# 6 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 18:13
Someone said :
"God, I don't think I'd do so well in jail."

He used to bring me roses, i wish he would again.
But that was on the outside, and things were different then.
# 7 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 18:19
Someone said :
You wouldn't have to worry about making ends meat.]

Anyone else seeing the innuendo here or is it just me?

Sorry Mycroft, I couldn't resist
# 8 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 18:29
No chance. I'd be dead within a week.
# 9 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 19:11
How Mycroft chooses to pay the bills is his prerogative.

@ Imelda, yeah I'd imagine prison visits would be vital for keeping the spirits up.

@ Elat, good to hear its not all horror stories in real life.
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# 10 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 19:17
@ Nozipcode, b-b-but those uniforms
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# 11 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 19:20
I really hope I never end up there but depending on how long I was there I reckon I could probably survive it - I'm pretty resilient. "Oh silly me, dropping that bar of soap again.." would be my catchphrase.
# 12 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 19:20
Do you think you could be one of the prisoners that so comes to enjoy prison life that they become recidivists to ensure their return to incarceration?
# 13 : Thursday 19-6-2014 @ 19:45
From the people I know that have been banged-up - for first timers its the most vulnerable period. cunts will walk into your cell and ask to borrow stuff and if you let them take it then you are fucked, you have to batter them or get battered protecting it, its the only way you get some respect failing that you are a constant target. Lots of other prisoners will gladly help you but you have to stand up for yourself first. You'll not get too much trouble afterwards as you will get to know people and then get about keeping your head down. Biggest tip is not telling anyone your release date - some like to spoil that by extending your stay
# 14 : Friday 20-6-2014 @ 14:29
Someone said :
Biggest tip is not telling anyone your release date - some like to spoil that by extending your stay

Thanks for the tip.
# 15 : Friday 20-6-2014 @ 14:55
I'd be terrified.
Well, maybe not so much now a days.
I've always had a fascinating and inexplicably strong phobia about breaking the law. I would fear Garda, and the expectation that they would "come and arrest me" for something I didn't know I did wrong.

In reality I'd probably spend the whole time dealing with that and the prison spell itself by comparison would not be a big deal at all; like being at a shitty hotel you "must" remain in.

I very much doubt prisons anywhere, but especially Ireland, are the gay laden rape saunas social consensus paints them to be.
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