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Which Sex Shop Is The Best, In Dublin
# 31 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 14:45
Bejases there`s a feckin great one in Caple street in Dublin.They stock in the heavy duty industrial grade toys
and you can get them in 220/110 volt they also have two stroke petrol yokes as well.Feckin marvelous stock but some of the "gear" is a bit dodgy because you will look like Bob the feckin builder. It`s called Mcquillians
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# 32 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 14:46
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# 33 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 15:47
Miss fantasia and basic instinct both on south william st are the best but you are much better off buying online much cheaper
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# 34 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:11
Basic Instincts is the one I'e bee to - it's the most gay-oriented of the lot. There's also Unique on Capel St. - the very first sex shop in Ireland which opened back in 1992 to rosary bead and holy water religious cranks who were screaming at the time about it.

If you can shop online, I'd suggest that you do. But seriously folks, Dublin needs a Clone Zone type shop where you can get lube and poppers and toys without having to look over you shoulder as you pace up and down and up and down Sth. William St waiting to take the puunge to Basic Instincts.
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# 35 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:15
why oh why are people still embarased about going into sex shops? i realy dont get it at all
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# 36 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:18
In general i think the sex shops on Capel St are cheaper than the other ones.

Basic Instincts, the most gay one, is also unfortunately the most expensive one.

The last time i was there i noticed that they were selling the 'Spartacus' Gay travel guide for 2 or 3 Euros more than Waterstones was charging!
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# 37 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:24

Miss Fantasias - South William Street
(probably the best of the lot: a good selection of products, more reasonably (though still expensive) prices and better quality.)

Basic Instinct - South William Street
(Another good shop, but a little limited on selection. Pricing can be a bit steep but the service much more friendly.)

Cupids - South William Street
(Has a good selection of porn, but sadly lacks much of anything else)

Condom Power - Dame Street
(Another good selection of porn, perhaps a bit more upmarket than Cupids. Again, not much good for anything else.)

Utopia - Capel Street
(one that i havent been in, but i suspect that the range might be reasonable, and cater more for straight people.)

Utopia 2 - Capel Street
(The sequel. I havent been in it either but it's sure to be worse than the first one. Sequals always are.)

Private - Capel Street
(Opened maybe a year or two ago. looks promising, but i havent darkened their doorsteps yet. And strangly fascinated by the range of people that i have seen do so however.)

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# 38 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:26
ive been in utopia and its not the best, full of embarassed looking old men in trenchcoats
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# 39 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:27
So u felt quite at home?
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# 40 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:28
yeah it was my dad!
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# 41 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:28
Wow Fetch... that's a great breakdown of them all! Thanks for the info
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# 42 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:28
Incidentally, you are perhaps better off ordering online as the quality and range is far superior, the prices are cheaper and the product can usually (depending on where you buy it) be trusted to arrive at your door in an anonymous brown parcel.

A couple of good sites are:

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# 43 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:28
The nearest thing to a sex shop in Kerry is Mothercare!
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# 44 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:29
eeewwwwwuuuuhhhh!! @Armani8
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# 45 : Wednesday 19-5-2004 @ 17:29
damn fetch you sure do know your sex shops!
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