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Reduce Redness And Scars
# 1 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 18:45
Its hard to explain this but I have a couple of skin irritations on my inner thigh
Basically it three red bruse like marks almost like scares on my leg
I dont think its anything serious and it doesnt hurt itch or anything

I would however like to remove them
I have tried bio-oil but it seems to be doing nothing
I just want to reduce the redness
Is there anything I can use or you would recommend to reduce the colour or turn them white
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# 2 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 18:48
Fixing it with a cream would depend on what is causing it, it might be Pupura which has several causes.
Probably best to have it looked at by a doctor so they can tell you exactly what it is, what is causing it and what you should do to get rid of it.
# 3 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 18:52
Its not a major thing I think so I was hoping to treat it easily

I was just thinking would skin lightening cream help
# 4 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 18:55
If its jock itch then Daktarin cream will sort it. Google image jock itch to see if it looks similar. Be warned NSFW
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# 5 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 18:57
It might, depending on what the marks are, but sometimes marks on the skin are signs of something more serious happening within the body so no amount of cream will help clear it up.
# 6 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 19:00
I had jock itch before and did get a cream to clear it up
It could be related I may get more cream

although this isnt a rash its more like a birthmark
# 7 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 19:03
As MZ says, go see a doctor if that doesn't work.
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# 8 : Saturday 21-6-2014 @ 19:35
Go see a skin specialist. I myself wouldn't worry about a blemish or mark. But on the other side a mate of mine is getting injections that cost thousands of pounds a go on the NHS and the improvement in his skin in unbelievable - he'd look like a dried out pizza most days and leave a layer of dusty skin behind him but at the moment his skin is perfect
# 9 : Sunday 22-6-2014 @ 13:13
If it looks like a bruise, then it probably goes deeper then skin only.

This is general advice, and should be treated as such, but providing the ailment is superficial (i.e., a skin problem only) a friend of mine who is now a G.P. once told me that 95% of skin problems can be completely healed with Vitamin E.

I had an embarrassing patch of dermatitis 'somewhere' and I used a cream with lots of vitimin E and it got rid of it after a week.
Now if ever there's a problem with my skin; anything that looks like Eczema, dryness, dermatitis, rashes, feet weirdness, whatever I first use Vitimin E.
# 10 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 15:15
OK I have found out its stretch marks which leads to the question how do I get rid of them
Bio Oil seems to be the main way but I was told it could take months to heal
Anything faster

I saw reference to light therapy but I cant afford it at the moment
# 11 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 16:41
Stretch marks at your age?? Been working out??
# 12 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 16:52
Been eating
# 13 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 16:57
Someone said :
Been eating

That was my second guess. I'm sure yours are lovely but just speaking generally I hate stretchmarks. I had a black friend before and they are twice as bad on black skin (they don't really have pigment)
# 14 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 17:00
yea they arent pleasant and well they are on my "inner thigh" so I want to get rid of them quick time
# 15 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 17:03
I'm sure if you get a guy that far afew stretch marks wont be a deal breaker
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