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Long Taxi Journeys.
# 1 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 20:41
A few days ago I mixed up some travel information and winded up needing to get a taxi to a performance. The place was just over half an hours drive away.

60 euros I'll never see again.
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# 2 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 20:44
Post of the year.
# 3 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 20:46
More information is needed.

Where were you travelling to? If the taxi driver was taking the "scenic route", why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you take public transport?
# 4 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 21:05
A clueless friend of mine once took a cab from Belfast to Ballina, Co. Mayo I remember being woken up at 1 am and meeting him on the street where he'd just arrive on a fucking Belfast black cab, with all the locals oo-ing and awing at the sight of a black cab in the 'Na!

God, that guy was head wreck!
# 5 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 21:06
Someone said :
A clueless friend of mine once took a cab from Belfast to Ballina, Co. Mayo I remember being woken up at 1 am and meeting him on the street where he'd just arrive on a fucking Belfast black cab, with all the locals oo-ing and awing at the sight of a black cab in the 'Na!

God, that guy was head wreck!

Must have cost a few hundred?
# 6 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 21:08
Someone said :

Must have cost a few hundred?

Yup, maybe 300 euro or pound. Can't remember now, this was a fair few years ago.
# 7 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 21:12
Well some Kilkenny people get a taxi to Dublin airport when going on holidays.
It saves on the car park charges, traffic stress etc.
I assume you'd agree the fare in advance for a long run like that
# 8 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 21:23
Me and some friends had come back from a weekend in Amsterdam a few years back and we got a taxi from the airport to our respective abobes in the Sandyford area where we were all living at the time. I remember the fare came to about €75 but that was split between 6 of us. The fare wouldn't have been that high only for the taxi driver deciding to take the route of getting stuck in heaving morning rush hour traffic on the M50.
# 9 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 23:02
He didn't take the scenic route or anything, he was going off of my directions. It was genuinely a 60 euro fare. in fact the meter was 67, but he charged 60.

It was a wonderful blend of miscommunication on both sides and my own tendency to be laid back as well as completely backwards thinking.

Without naming music groups and rural towns of mayo (and making the story Google hit no.1) the bare bones of it was;
A very large music ensemble that I am occasionally a guest artist with, had two gig, two days in a row, a Saturday and Sunday.
I was invited to the first one; the Saturday. A evening concert about 11 minutes out the road.
I had a friend that would drop me off to it so at the rehearsal earlier in the week when they started talking about travel arrangements for both concerts I stopped listening. I did distinctly remember them saying "we'll meet at 4" and "bus" but I put it out of my head as "information I didn't need to know; I already had a seat there".

Later that week I was offered a gig unrelated to the evening concert with a different group on the same day. It was OK I had plenty of time for both, so I said yes. I just had to make sure I could get from one to the other, and I could; I would just be travelling independently from the rest of the musicians doing the Saturday evening concert, same as before. I would also be showing up probably closer to the concert start time then them as well, but again, not a big deal.

Then the day of the concert just before I was due to begin the short notice gig beforehand, I was called up and asked if I'd like to join them for the second concert(Sunday). This is where I should have arranged for travel to that concert . I said I could and then quickly hung up and prepared for the gig I was about to play.

I finished the gig, had a nice relaxing dinner, and went home got changed and got dropped off at the evening concert with time to spare. I was a bit put back by a what I though was a lack of professionalism: a lot of the musicians were just willy nilly showing up, was I early? wasn't there a bus?
No, it must be that I misheard and there wasn't a bus for all the musicians to this concert, "after all it is only a few minutes out the road: yeah, that makes sense. The bus was probably for the other gig, which is handy because I don't know where it is yet and now I'll only need to show up and sit down" I though as more musicians showed up in their individual cars.

Next day twiddling my thumbs (almost literally, but at the very least playing playstation) waiting for a not psychotically over-early time to show up for the bus at 4.

I called to see if their rehearsal venue was where they were meeting (at 4) or somewhere else.
The guy I talked to was already there, there was no bus, the bus was for yesterday's gig (well who the fuck was on it!?).
I asked him for direction, and become very worried: it was then I booked the taxi.

Because I had agreed to the gig only the day before, nobody thought to offer me a seat. I didn't think to ask because I was a few seconds away from starting a gig and was already in my "matchplay" frame of mind. Then when I arrived at the evening concert (the next natural point of bringing up transportation), it seemed from what I observed to be absolutely certain that because the Saturday gig was so close to town and that drivers were showing up one by one that of course the bus was for the other gig. Knowing how cranky people get when I ask for clarification for what seems like obvious questions, I decided to let it go, and just use deduction, for once, rather then logic, to acertain that yes the bus was for tomorrow's concert.

60 quid please.

and that's a day in my life.
# 10 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 23:09
Christmas eve 2010 my flight two days hence cancelled and by now I was on the morning of my third day attempting to get a flight to Dublin out of Charles De Gaulle airport. No chance due to the huge snowfall. Nothing was flying, roads were becoming nigh on impassable. The airline had given in and handed out "free" hotel and bus vouchers back into Paris. Christmas in a hotel! No way, I wouldn't give up.

Determined, sitting on the airport floor, laptop on my knees, trawling around the internet for hours and several phone calls later, by chance or good luck, of all the airlines, Ryanair, during a small break in the snowfall, started moving a limited number of flights out of Beauvais airport.. and I got lucky with a seat on a flight... to Belfast (not Dublin where my car was)!

I didn't care, if I got to Belfast I'd make it home, somehow. The flight landed with me onboard on Belfast runway at ten minutes past midnight (Christmas morning). Unbelievably there were still a few taxi's at the airport as they had been told there was a late flight coming in.. and I got one. "Belfast to Athlone please" I said to the taxi driver. The poor driver looked socked! "Athlone?".. "really?".. "not sure what the roads are going to be like with this freezing snow now".. he kept looking at me, as if trying to work out if I was being serious or not.. "I'll give it a go" he said. I'm cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired and I just want to get home. You can't begin to imagine my relief. After three days trying I might actually make it home!

The taxi cab was uncomfortable and felt like a complete piece of junk, slipping and sliding all over the road, the snow and ice on the roads was, in some places, terrifying, the driver was a real laugh but was a total lunatic "because the roads were empty" was his reasoning, but to be honest, I didn't really care. After having had a little negotiation about the price and €200 later, it's 4.10am, it's something like minus 9 or 10 outside and I'm outside my front door. Home sweet home early on Christmas morning with an epic tale to tell (there is much more to the story) what could be better, I was so happy I gave the driver a €50 tip!
# 11 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 23:56
Taxis are public transport.
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# 12 : Monday 23-6-2014 @ 23:57
...and an expensive commute!
# 13 : Tuesday 24-6-2014 @ 00:00
Taxis are expensive when travelling alone.

When you put two or more people in, then the fare per head is very affordable.

This is especially true when you consider the service you get.
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# 14 : Tuesday 24-6-2014 @ 00:04
I only use taxis when heading home from a night out. Not much else as I use buses, luas etc when I need to and I also have a car.

But anyway €60 for a half hour trip that the OP mentioned is very expensive.
# 15 : Tuesday 24-6-2014 @ 00:11
Some years ago I travelled with a friend to the Italy-Ireland rugby match. We flew Ryanair via Charleroi. When we were coming back we saw a friend of ours and his wife on the first Ryanair coach to the airport. We got the next coach. When we got to the airport there was no sign of our friends but we didn't think anymore about it. However it turned out that the first coach had gotten stuck on Rome's equivalent of the M50 (ours went a different route) and the plane took off without all the passengers on that coach! So our friends got a flight to Eindhoven. When they got there they asked a taxi driver how much he would charge to take them to Charleroi. He said €200. They said done! An expensive result of a traffic jam!!
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