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What Was Your First...
# 1 : Saturday 28-6-2014 @ 22:15
film at the cinema?

I went to the Ambassador with my parents to see Snow White. We had to queue up outside and I remember making everyone laugh when I tried to pronounce 'Ambassador'. I can't remember much of the film though.
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# 2 : Saturday 28-6-2014 @ 23:35
The premier of 'Ballroom of Romance' in Mayo in the mid 80's in the building it was shot in. My grandfather was an extra in it.
# 3 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 01:25
My first film was ET. I cried and cried but so did the whole audience. The 80's such bliss. These were the days when cinemas had couches and you could smoke
# 4 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 01:42
I think it was the care bears movie in fairview cinema.
# 5 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 08:08
the first one i remember was the lion king so i presume thats it. It was in portlaoise and that cinema has since closed and made way for quite a nice cinema which kanye west always goes to when he's in town i remember my sister was bawling when mufasa died and i was holding back tears. I sat at the edge and i think my mam and sister sat in one of those double seats for couples lol. What an awful idea they were. Kinda feel a bit emotional thinking of that time now, we were all so happy.
# 6 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 08:19
My sister brought me to Mary Poppins as a birthday present. We were just kids - she was about 16 and allowed to bring me into Dublin City on the bus - things were safe then.
# 7 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 08:28
mary poppins? Gosh was she grooming you to be a little gay boy
# 8 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 12:01
mine was Honey i blew up the kid, with my dad when i was around 4
# 9 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 12:12
Mum took me to Belfast shopping and treated me to my first cinema experience..
The Jungle Book, still recall the smells and the noise
# 10 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 12:24
The earliest one I can remember is All Dogs go to Heaven which I went to see in the village cinema up the road. It was only a small village cinema (one screen) and it was one of the last films that was shown in it before it closed which is why I can remember it.
# 11 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 12:34
When I was a kid, we weren't a film-going family. Not surprising, when you realise what tickets and sweets for two adults and five children costs.

I do remember going to a the ciname -- I now know it was Savoy 1, with the cubs, but I cannot remember what the film was.
# 12 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 12:34
Possibly to see "Home Alone 2 Lost in New York" in 1992 in the old Wexford Savoy cinema (now closed).
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# 13 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 14:48
My first cinematic experience was Superman which was shown in the school hall when I was about 5. I remember being so excited on the way home.
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# 14 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 14:55
Superman 1. They put pinnochio on first and i fell asleep and missed superman. Remember the old kaleidoscopic stuff they showed before the movie, real trippy.

# 15 : Sunday 29-6-2014 @ 14:57
I forget what it was called but it involved Hulk Hogan in some sort of "helarious" situation.

"Mr. Nanny" I believe.
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