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70's Music
# 1 : Tuesday 1-7-2014 @ 23:02
A lot of music I like from the late 70's that can't be posted with 80's music.

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# 2 : Wednesday 2-7-2014 @ 22:01
Lene Lovich what a star and German Nina Hagen worth a search
# 3 : Sunday 25-1-2015 @ 02:32
# 4 : Sunday 25-1-2015 @ 02:49
More Dutch from the Earings
# 5 : Sunday 25-1-2015 @ 08:54
# 6 : Wednesday 28-1-2015 @ 00:22
# 7 : Wednesday 28-1-2015 @ 01:27
I love 1970s music.

What's not to like? Funk, punk, disco, and good old heavy rock. And classic pop by groups like Abba, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Billy Joel, T-Rex, ELO, the Carpenters and Elton John. Also Bowie at his peak and Blondie to name but a few.
# 8 : Thursday 29-1-2015 @ 13:06
Far Out, brother!
# 9 : Thursday 29-1-2015 @ 14:16
For the Love of 70’s Music, I’m going to dedicate a few posts to rudimentary a mix tape of better and less known tracks from either a band or genre from that Decade.

Aerosmith like you’ve never heard them before... well, unlike most people have heard. The 70’s were a musically productive for this band, before they got off heroin and started writing songs for teenage girls, that is. Here’s a few outlier examples that, although they wouldn’t have the production value of their later efforts, really show their diversity as an American Hard Rock ensemble.
A couple of steps away from their better known and more accessible tracks such as Dream On. Most noticeably Tyler’s vocals are deeper, grittier and while the music itself has some psychedelic elements and while not crystal clear, it’s the imperfections are almost what gives it that gestalt 70’s sound.


Sweet Emotion – a better known track to ease you in. Usually pops up in soundtracks.

Nobody’s Fault - The album Rocks is probably their Best in terms of all killer with no filler.

Round and Round - A heavier track with precursor Heavy Metal sounds, from the same album that Walk this Way.

Seasons of Wither – Just wait for it.

Kings and Queens - A diamond in the rough, Great song from an otherwise bad album.

One Way Street – Just a good ‘Meat and Potatoes’ rock tune.
# 10 : Sunday 8-2-2015 @ 01:08
Some more general tracks this time around, Enjoy boppers!

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Lucky Man – E.L.P

Superstar – The Carpenters

Ball of Confusion – The Temptations

I Got The – Labi Siffre

Four Horsemen – Aphrodite’s Child.
# 11 : Sunday 1-3-2015 @ 23:15
I just discovered Todd Rundgren... night made!
EDIT: Yes, I am determined to keep this thread alive!

# 12 : Sunday 1-3-2015 @ 23:29
Someone said :
Yes, I am determined to keep this thread alive!

# 13 : Monday 2-3-2015 @ 16:25
Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

Charlene - I've Never Been To Me

# 14 : Tuesday 3-3-2015 @ 20:55
Someone said :

I call shenanigans... if it's relevant it aint spam!
# 15 : Tuesday 3-3-2015 @ 21:25

Papa was a Rolling Stone - The Temptations (Full Version)

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