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# 31 : Sunday 24-8-2014 @ 16:31
It's similar.
The best solution is Moisturizer, Vitimin E and healthy lifestyle! (sounds cheesy, but its true)
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# 32 : Thursday 28-8-2014 @ 11:26
Someone said :
anyone a long time sufferer?

Had chronic eczema when I was about 6 months old until I was maybe 4/5. It did develop into adult eczema but luckily enough its not too bad, although it really all about management. It can get bad if I let it. Some foods aggravate it more than others, and keeping the affected areas clean and well moisturised is the key.

These days ts very localised as I only get it on a little area on my wrists and toes, but it's still a bit of a nuisance, especially having to use specialised soaps/shampoos, and the general drying affect water can have on my skin.

My little brother completely cured his as a toddler by drinking goats milk. Might be worth a try. I just can't stomach the stuff (actually I cant even swallow the stuff).
# 33 : Thursday 28-8-2014 @ 11:53
Fluoride ?
# 34 : Thursday 28-8-2014 @ 12:11
It's flaring up again today. Possibly due to the Dr Peppers yesterday.
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# 35 : Thursday 28-8-2014 @ 16:21
HagenDaz tends to make my eczema go mad. Strawberry cheesecake. Whether its the sugar or the dairy Im not sure but it has a sever effect on me. That said, when I eat HD I eat HD. I will go in for the whole bloody tub over the course of an evenin. So for more than one reason I try to stay away from the stuff.

I could eat the same amount of Murphy's ice-cream and have no effect, so I really dont know. Prehaps its an additive as I would think Murphy's would be more natural than HD.

(If anyone hasnt tasted Murphy's sea-salt vanilla ice-cream they havent had ice-cream before...OK slight over statement but not far off)
# 36 : Thursday 28-8-2014 @ 23:00
So we got a lot of eczemiacs (cool name right?) here.
# 37 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 08:34
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the itch again.
# 38 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 14:45
I am getting two patches of it on either hand
At the moment its not two bad e45 cream helps but I would like to get rid of it
# 39 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 15:07
Someone said :
I am getting two patches of it on either hand
At the moment its not two bad e45 cream helps but I would like to get rid of it

Any progress with the stretch marks??
# 40 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 15:10
ah yes honestly I am just thinking of giving up and booking a one way trip to swizerland
# 41 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 16:13
...over my head I'm afraid...
# 42 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 17:35
I have a bit of it on my back have had for years, also some winters I get it very bad on my face... I have started to get what the pharmacist reckons is eczema on my two thunbs and index fingers I got a steroid cream over the counter for my hands which is great, sometimes the skin on my hands cracks also and becomes very sore.

Didn't realise some foods would agitate it at all, will have to keep my eye on that
# 43 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 20:47
You'd be amazed the effect foods can have on various skin conditions. I have to be careful with dairy and sugar to avoid acne breakouts.
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